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10 Stylish Window Treatment Ideas for your Home

Window Treatment Ideas

The windows are the soul of a home. If a stylish, designer home is your preference, then doing the windows to perfection is essential. It’s the windows, which allow the natural flow of sunlight. It’s the windows, which frame and give an expression to the room. So, treat each window an integral part of the room and design it in keeping with the aura and personality of that particular room. Let’s explore the different window treatment ideas you can give to your home to make it truly stunning and striking.

1.A Room Extension: Windows is simply an extension of the room, so you need to design them according to the room type and temperament. In contemporary homes, every room has a different treatment, which makes it essential that you treat every room differently. No, don’t go for curtains of the same colour as the room wall. Neither do you buy the same set of curtains for the whole house? It may be an economical affair, but will not do justice to the window treatment. So, design every window curtain in keeping with the room character and see how it adds to the beauty and decor.

window dressing


2.Contrast or Coordinate: You should treat your window drapery and curtains as an extension of the room. But, that should not contain your freedom to design. Rather, explore a contrasting or coordinating look and give every room a different look and feel. You can go for curtains in different colours and patterns, and give a complete and cohesive look.

3.Rich Look & Feel: If your room has a rich play of textures, then go for window treatments in bold and bright colours. Look for curtains in jewel tones like deep reds or subtle blue and give a luxe effect to your room. By infusing such a colour tone, you can give a sophisticated and charming feel to the room.

Sheer curtains


4.Let Light Flow Inside: This one style is always in vogue as the flow of light makes a space bright and roomy. You can achieve such a look by adding sheer curtains to the room. They light-up the space and add warmth. Sheer curtains also come in different colours and designs. So, if you want the light to filter inside the room while keeping it bright, then you can add colourful sheers to make the space lit-up and eye pleasing.

5.Personalize with Trims & Tassels: Give a stylish touch to the windows by giving a personal touch. Bring tassels and trims to use and customize your store-bought curtains with ease. These decorative embellishments can adapt a curtain to the room décor and aura. So, if you buy a window shades in contrasting colour to the sofa set, you can get the trimming or tassel fringe of the same colour as a sofa and have a cohesively designed room.

tassels window tassels

6.Layer it Up: Layering is always trendy and you can give such a treatment to your windows by opting for dual curtains or with a combination of curtain and window blind. So, to achieve such a look in the room, you can either layer the window with a sheer and blackout curtain or put blinds and then layer with curtains of your choice. Layering is the perfect way of ensuring privacy and adding to the grace of the room.

7.The Metallic Charm: Colours have an impact on the room ambience. If you have industrial furniture housing a room, then bring metallic colour curtains. Yes, those silver, golden and metallic curtains are for such living rooms and bedrooms, which give a grand appearance. Even in modern homes, if you wish to have a metallic touch, then classic metal rods are what you need to add in the room. These metal single or double curtain rods define and frame the windows and can blend beautifully with an array of colours.

door curtains  pinch pleat curtains

8.Neutrals are Evergreen: A window treatment that will always stay is a neutral colour curtain. You can bring soft, neutral colours curtains and drapes and these can grace your home for a long time to come. Neutral colour curtains never go out of fashion and always add an elegant and sophisticated touch to the room.

9.Fun with Patterns: If you want to give a trendy and tasteful touch to the windows, then infuse patterns and prints in geometric or floral. Geometric pattern window shades can dramatize a space and floral ones are perfect for that fresh and poise look.

patterned curtains door curtains online

10.Cheerful Drapes: Something that has always been a part of the window treatment world is a piece of cheerful, colourful curtain. Look for colours that add warmth and happiness to space. That sunny yellow or happy orange can brighten up your room.

With these stylish tips, give your home a modish and classy touch. If you are looking for curtains in such a variety of colours and patterns, then your search will end at Deco Window. Home to the best in class window treatments, you can view the range here and give the soul of your home, a soulful touch.

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