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5 Must-Have’s in Your Bedroom

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Decorating tricks for your bedroom;

Here are five must-haves’ in your bedroom so you can have that element of texture, brightness, and space.

1. Luxe Bedding: The right bedding is central to your room. You should go for comfortable, cozy and colorful one, which looks inviting. If you want to have that luxe effect, then go for complete bedroom sets, which comes with shams, filled cushions and quilt. Moreover, the colour of the bedding set is also equally important. Go for shades of ivory, chocolate, beige or moss for that truly royal touch to your room.

2. Decorate with Cushions: They are the safest and best way of enhancing the grace of your bedroom. Coming in so many different colours, shapes and sizes you can play around with decorative cushion covers in your bedroom as you like. Add them in odd or even number for that diverse contrasting or synchronized look. Bolsters look just as good as square or triangle-shaped ones. So, play around with cushions and do up your room, gracefully and perfectly.

3. Window Treatment: It is essential in your room décor. The way you treat your windows changes the look and feel of your room and with so much variety in window treatment, you will be spoiled with choices. Synchronize the window curtains with the wall paint or have them in contrast to have a truly beautiful bedroom. Having curtains of your favorite color is also a great way of doing your bedroom. So, the moment people step-in they know, this one is your room, for sure. 

4. Shelving: Having a few beautiful pieces of décor is a must-have in your bedroom. You can add more colours and elements with ease by adding that pricey showpiece or flower of your choice. Bring home wooden wall shelves, that are sturdy and solid and are the ideal way of enhancing the grace of your bedroom. It is also worth it to personalize your space with shelves. Put-up that favorite picture from your last vacation or book that you read every night. Shelves are sleek and stylish, and a great way of adding storage to a room. 

5. Take Care of the Floor:We often end up focussing on the walls, windows and bed, and leave the floor as it is. But adding a tint of colour and texture to the floor can be a great idea too. So, don’t hesitate to add that cool or classy rug in your bedroom. You will never have to wake up to a cold floor in those winter mornings. Moreover, if you can add some cushions on that rug, then you can enjoy some floor sitting in the room too.

Infuse some of these ideas in making your bedroom, uber cool and truly yours. When doing-up your home you must pay careful heed to your bedroom as that is the place you will spend most of your time when at home. So, while it is important to beautify your living room, doing up your bedroom well is truly for your own sake. You can easily find designer cushion covers, luxury bedding setswall shelves, and curtains online at Make the most of our ongoing schemes and sales, and do up your bedroom as you fancy.


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