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5 Things to Consider When Buying Curtains in Summers

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Summer Curtains Ideas

summer curtains

Knock, knock, knocking your door is the summer season. The temperatures are soaring high and the days are getting warmer. It is time to change the personality of your home. Bring the colours of the season home and give it a pleasant makeover. And the best way to start is by changing the winter curtains. Those heavy drapes, rich colour, window treatments need to be replaced by light, easy home curtains. So, here are 5 things to consider when buying curtains during the summer season.

summer curtains

1. Let Pastels Play the Charm: When it comes to buying curtains for summers you should allow pastels to play their magic. They can instantly lighten-up the space and make your home summer ready. Pleasing to eyes, they make the place look sober, neat and welcoming. So, replacing winter curtains in rich colours with pastel ones should be among the first thing on your curtain buying checklist.

2. Bring Sheers to Play: If you have been waiting all this while to bring sheer curtains, home then now is the time. Summers are the perfect time to embrace sheer curtains. Their light makes and subtle hue can add to the grace of your home, this summer. Put them on a passage window and let the light flow through during the day, offering you privacy at dusk. Sheer curtains can also work perfectly with blackout curtains. You can consider this kind of treatment for your bedroom or living room.

door curtains  living room curtains

3. Blackout Curtains, A Must: During summers, soft colour and sheer curtains look lovely. But, for a cool ambience at home, you need some blackout window curtains too. They will filter the sunlight as you desire and will help to keep the room temperature cool, which is much needed during summers. So, opt for some blackout curtains in light colours that can take care of the room temperature and ambience.

4. Light Fabric Curtains: Along with these, you should also consider the fabric type when choosing the summer curtains. Cotton and linen door curtains can be the perfect addition to your home. Soft and easy to maintain, there is something about cotton fabric, which makes it just synonymous with summers.

5. Curtains with or without Lining: When it comes to summer curtains, it is best to leave the curtains without lining. If you treat them with lining, they will make the curtains appear heavy and completely block sunlight. But, if you want to increase the shelve life of your curtains, then get lining done. It will protect the living room curtains from fading when direct sunlight falls on them.

sheer curtain window curtain design

Consider the above checklist when you start shopping for summer curtains for your home. Bring soft, pastels and light curtains and give your home a feel of summers. If you want to give your home a summer makeover and you wish to start with shopping of window curtains online, then the all-new curtain collections by Deco Window is a must explore. You can view the complete range here and summer ready your home, today.

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