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5 Unique Ideas That Embody Luxury Living Through Your Windows

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If you are looking for a way to enhance the style of your living room, fining an exceptional and creative window treatment solution is a priority. Window treatments provide a different way to truly transform and enhance not only your aesthetics but your entire room as well. The perfect way is to enrich your existing window treatment with a modern flair. Window treatment defines your personality and taste. Consider these 5 unique window treatment ideas to illuminate your living room to next level.

1. Heavy jacquard curtains - curtains are something that makes a standard window treatment project modern and classy. They are a traditional form of window dressing that helps bring style. However, if you want your living room to completely stand out, heavy and bright curtains can be perfect to infuse a touch of familiarity and friendliness that you don’t get from standard curtains. The lovely woven fabric, gold and silver eye-catching designs act as a magnet of attention for your guest.

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2. Valences - valences take you back to the historical era. They are a charming piece of fabric that covers the uppermost part of the window. Valences help to add depth to your window are available in different styles. Valences help to transform the look and feel of your home, pair your valence with a curtain or blind to uplift the look of your window. At, you will find valances in trumpet, waterfall and scalloped designs in various pastel and bright colors. For your living room, you can go for valance with tassels and fringes, and go for plain or lace ones for the bedroom window. So, go for different living room window valance from the bedroom one and let each window get the right treatment it truly deserves.

3. Roman blinds - opt for ultimate style and sophistication by using roman blinds. Its suitable for your small window solution, it doesn’t occupy a large space. Roman blinds are available in different colors with smooth textured design fabric. Roman blind, therefore helps to add a contemporary look and feel to your living room. The neatly folded look allows your curtain to look sleek and stylish, whether your blinds are roller up or put down.

4. Automatic track - this generation has witnessed an increase in lethargic people who want everything to be done by a click on the remote. Earlier everything had to be done manually and it had become frustrating for the users, now with the launch of an automatic track by deco window, you can get convenience and elegance at a touch of a button or with a sound of your voice. This allows you to enjoy and relax. So why not opt for something like this at affordable prices??

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Reasons to choose an automatic track:

  • Simplify: no need to put effort to pull on heavy curtains, relax and let the motors do the work for you
  • Beautify: Add class and elegance by adding deco window’s automatic track, with smooth quite operation, your house will be perfect all the time.
  • Privacy: You can schedule to close the curtains at dawn rather than getting up when you are tucked in bed. This allows you to maintain privacy and avoid the street light gaze.
  • Convenient- smart home integration – It can connect with the smart home system and realize curtain smart control. It is controlled by IPAD and smartphone.
  • 5yrs warranty- A guarantee of 5 years warranty on these automatic rods.

5. Roller blinds - roller blinds can never go out of fashion, they have been a trend around years due to their elegant and fashionable style. With the advent of new technology, roller blinds now come up with a motorized function for a better and easy experience for the customer. It has got easy installation and maintenance. These blinds have both decorative and functional benefits. Roller blinds are child safe with no loose cords, ready to use, 100% blackout and come with heat reflecting silver coating.

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