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5 Ways Motorised Roller Blinds Can Revolutionize your Home

Motorised Blinds and Shades

motorised roller blinds

Automating everything and saving time and money is the new cool these days. Whether it is your home or office, automation is being tried everywhere to make working more efficient. With similar intent, it is also being tried in the window treatment. Yes, drawing open or closing the curtains, manually is a thing of the past. The new trend is motorising it and managing the flow of light at the press of a button. Try this innovative window solution to revolutionize your home. Read on to learn how motorized roller blinds can transform your space.

motorised blinds

#1. Gives a Chic, Trendy Makeover to your Home: If you want to give a stylish makeover to your home, then motorised blinds can be your go-to option. Draw open and close the blinds at the press of a super sleek remote control. Whether you want to achieve that theatre-effect in your home or have plans of a tete-e-tea with friends, don’t walk up to manage the curtains. Simply, open the blinds or close it using the remote control. It looks cool and classy. If you think the motors can be noisy. Well! We suggest giving it a try as the noise produced is less than 35 dB, which is similar to that of a whispering sound.

roman blinds

#2. Perfect Fit: Motorised roller blinds cover the windows completely reaching even the corners, where your curtains can’t reach. As it covers the window edge to edge, there is absolute privacy, which you can enjoy. In addition, protecting your house against those harsh sunrays also becomes easy during the day with these fitted remote blinds.

#3. Flexible: Along with the perfect fit, you also benefit with flexibility. It comes with a single remote control using which you can operate multiple Roman blinds, at once. While, this can be apt for home set-up, when it comes to office, you can opt for multiple remote controls.

remote control curtain rod  remote control blinds

#4. Practical: If there are issues pertaining to mobility, then motorised drapes can be a practical solution. It can be ideal in your parents and in an elderly’s room as they can open and close the curtains from the comfort of their bed. Let them get their morning dose of Vitamin D and close it when it’s nap time without asking for help.

#5. Stylish Options, Easy Installation: What makes remote control shades the ideal window treatment is the fact that they come in an array of colour and design options. So, when you opt for such an option, you don’t compromise on the décor either. Neatly placed against the windows, they add colour, texture and vibrancy to a space. Moreover, these are also easy to install. No cables, no wires, you can book the installation and have the setup in place.

remote control shades  automatic blinds

So, transform your home and make it distinct and beautiful with motorised rod and remote system from Deco Window. You can explore the options of curtain rods of different measurements, remote with varying emitter options and revamp your home. Check the options here and manage your windows at the press of a button too. Enjoy sunlight and privacy just as you desire at the press of a button. The Deco Window roller blind kit features easy wall or ceiling fitting and comes in three standard lengths. Smooth and silent, they offer simple plug and play option with a light touch start and side or central opening. Open the curtains from middle to sides or from one side to another. You can also book the installation with us and we will come home to set-up. So, get these motorised blinds and see how it revolutionizes your home.

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