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Decorating your windows can have a significant effect on the way the rest of your room looks. If you want a darker style in a room, for instance, then covering the window with bright treatments is simply not going to work. The best part about window décor is that there are many DIY approaches you can take to get a unique look to your window without spending a lot of money. Another benefit to taking the DIY approach is that you can use your own style to get the exact results you want. You should take some time to allow your creativity to take over and create window treatments that are unique to your home. Whether you live in a two-bedroom bungalow or a beach house that sleeps 18, you’ll love the benefits offered by a window seat. Topped with plump pillows, these throwback architectural features make it easy to read, nap, converse, or simply sit and gaze at the landscape and sky.

The windows surrounding your front entrance should contribute to making your home both welcoming and well maintained. Interior and exterior window treatments and decor should highlight your home’s architectural style and complement your front entrance design. Front entrance window treatments consistent with the other windows in the front of the house draw the eye effortlessly from window to window giving your home a pulled together look that enhances its curb appeal.

This type of blinds together with the panels is a very practical way of decorating the windows and they cost less than the curtains. They can be very elegant and it’s a way of creating a romantic décor. They can be successfully used in a classical spaces and they use usually used in the kitchens and balconies.

Curtains are a very elegant and popular way of decorating the windows. The curtains have the ability of completely changing the entire image of a room. We can use them to control the quantity of light that gets in. The size can vary, according to the look you are trying to achieve. Long curtains create the impression of a low room while dense ones give the impression of a bigger window.

They used to be very popular a few years ago and they’ve reappeared a while ago. The bamboo blinds are perfect if you want to create a rustic or exotic décor. They have the advantage of being easy to install, as they can be attached to the ceiling or directly onto the window frame. Use white furniture and colorful decorations.

Probably the most popular type these days, the vertical blinds are very easy to be cleaned. There’s a very varied offer of colors and textures and they custom made, meaning that you can choose the exact dimensions for your windows. They can be in any room, creating the impressions of a larger space.

This is another method of decorating the windows. They are easy to install and they are very practical. However, because of the material, they retain a lot of dust. In order to clean them you need to detach them and soak them in water and add detergent.


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