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5 Ways to make your home office ultra-modern

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With the advent of communication technology such as video conferencing, real-time sharing, it’s the best idea to work from home.  Work from home has numerous pros such as saving your valuable time for commuting long distances to the office. Therefore, it’s important to design your home office in such a way to maximize your productivity and allow yourself to be dedicated to your home office. Consider utilizing some of these tips to create an ultra-modern home office that is not just a cookie cutter workspace.

Home office tip 1 # Make most of your limited space:

When you visualize a home office, you think of those fancy lamps, bookshelves and a rolling chair. However, you don’t need all this to maximum productivity, carefully consider if you need to add furniture or you just want to keep it simple. Make most of the limited space by adding wall shelves or floating shelves to display your books. You can add more than 1 shelf in your area for different storages purposes.

Home office tip 2 # Use colors that max productivity:

People generally opt for white walls by default for office spaces, you don’t have to restrict yourself to neural color patterns rather than opt for welcoming colors such as blue, purple or yellow that will give you positive vibes and create an optimistic environment.

 Home office tip 3 # Use door seals

You don’t want unwanted guest such as ants, rats and other insects to enter your home office. Door seals will help you to seal the gap between your door and floor to avoid those monsters from entering, thus keeping your place hygienic and clean throughout. Door seals also help to save electricity by not allowing air leakages and also avoid the accumulation of dust at home.

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Home office tip 4 # Opt for a glass whiteboard:

If a chalkboard wall does not appeal to you, consider using a glass whiteboard instead of a traditional whiteboard. Glass whiteboards can be customized to any color that you want. Simply paint or cover the back of the glass with your desired color. These are a modern twist on a traditional whiteboard, but they can look chicer and up to date than a boxy, traditional whiteboard. They are also easier to clean, even when trying to remove marks made by a permanent marker.

Home office tip 5 # Decorate with plants:
Avoid having a clinical vibe in your home office; decorate your area with live plants. Adding greenery to a workspace, by including potted plants or planted gardens outside the windows, has been proven to increase productivity. Why not continue that trend in your home office? Use open storage solution such as wall shelves to display these plants and other decorative items.

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