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Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by sarabjeet dua

Wall-mounted shelves are easy to build, easy to install and easy to remodel and that allows them to also become incredibly versatile and easy to work with from almost every point of view. Shelf brackets’ primary purpose is well known and documented: prop up and secure boards to create wall storage. But did you know that there’s an entire outlaw gang of brackets that went rogue? They shrugged off society’s expectations about their usefulness and devised entirely new roles for themselves within households and workspaces everywhere. They complete the decor and they can be installed in every part of the house. There’s a way to make the most of wall-mounted shelving in every room and space in your home. They’re useful for storage but also for displaying decorations, collections and other things and they’re also excellent when you just want to put something on a blank wall.

Floating wall shelves are a great way to display photos and mementos, but they’re also a practical storage solution that can help maximize the space in your room. We’re partial to wall shelf designs with no visible brackets, floating wall shelves, which keep your walls looking streamlined and modern.

Plant pots
Provide additional window-side spots for your house plants when you don't have enough space on your sills. Position shelving so that sun lovers like cheerful geraniums or easy-care succulents will be able to soak up more of the light they love.

Work space
Transform any convenient corner (in your underused dining room or guest room, perhaps?) into a part time home office with a sturdy fold-down shelf. Voila! You'll have an instant surface for writing and laptop use which can be tidily stashed away when it's no longer needed.

Bathroom storage
Squeeze extra storage (think hand towels or cleaning supplies) into a bathroom or laundry by hanging space-efficient floating shelves. A custom-built eyeglasses shelf next to the shower is another convenient touch.

Treasure trove
Speaking of creative, wall-mounted shelves don’t just include those basic rectangular planks that you probably have in mind. There are tons of interesting and ingenious designs to choose from and you can even come up with something unique yourself if you plan on making some DIY shelves.

Toy organization
In the kids’ room or in the nursery a few wall-mounted shelves can be very practical. They could be used as storage surfaces for books, toys and other things kids love to look at. Make sure you install them at a comfortably low level so the kids can use them. You can take this opportunity to teach them how to be organized and to clean their rooms themselves.

Mason jar display
Show off your stock of amazing homemade pickles and preserves. If you've gone to all the work of home canning, why not flaunt the gorgeous results? After all, mason jars are always in fashion.

Use shelves to store your books. If you still love to read real paper-and-ink editions, make your hardbound volumes and paperbacks a focal point in your home. You can also be creative when populating the shelves with the things that you want to neatly organize or to showcase. Diversity is often a good idea so alternate the heights of the objects, their colors or shapes and consider mixing and matching different types of items. For example, books, planters, sculptures and boxes can also be displayed together on a set of shelves and the result wouldn’t be boring at all but rather well-balanced and harmonious.


Bar cart
Floating wall shelves are a lovely way to display glassware and your favorite martini ingredients. Shelves or rails as shallow as four inches will do the job.

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