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Buy More, Pay Less

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Shopping for your windows

Shop at DecoWindow and pay with Amazon to enjoy dual benefit of Buy More, Save More & get 20% Cashback (T&C apply). So, why wait, just gear-up, browse and shop, and decorate your home at unbelievable, throw away prices.

At DecoWindow, you can shop for your windows and treat them like never before. From gorgeous curtains to tiebacks, you will get everything that it takes to make your windows dazzling. And don’t forget to pair it with the right set of cushions to make your home alluring and glittering. Treating your windows right is very important, and here we say – Why? 


Treat Your Windows Right

Are windows in your home for privacy factor? Or Are windows the defining point? Even if you don’t have any of this in mind, the way you make-up your windows defines their worth in your home. So, before you drape them, reconsider their role in your home and dress them accordingly.

If windows are important for privacy and secrecy purpose, then drape them with heavy curtains, which are not see-through. By heavy curtains, we mean heavy fabrics, bold colors or light fabric curtains with lining. Now, if you opt for heavy fabrics like silk or velvet, they will surely need more care and maintenance. You will need to particularly get them dry-cleaned every time. But of course they instantly give that formal look to your home and can drape your windows royally. Likewise, bold colors like moss or chocolate can give that splendid look, instantly. And the other benefit of bold color curtains is that they don’t get dirty frequently and even if dusty it doesn’t show-up on such colors. So, you can take your time and get them dry-cleaned as per comfort, and enjoy your privacy. 

However, if light fabric and hue is your taste, then you will have to settle for pastel colors in cotton or polyester fabric. These curtains will be soothing to the eyes, easy to maintain and will never be the focal point of your room. Such curtains will typically play the role of accessories in your home. And if you want them to play the privacy role as well then add lining to them. Lining is important for light color curtains as otherwise they tend to fade fast. So, put lining, enhance the shelve life of your curtains and revel in your solitude.

These kind of light fabric and pastel color curtains are perfect if you are planning to make-up your home during summers. They will add to the comfort factor, keep your home cool and bring about a refreshing change. So, before you change your door curtains, it is essential that you decide their purpose and role in your home, and accordingly invest. It is essential that you treat your windows right, so that they beautifully blend with your home décor and enhance its grace. 

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