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Creatively Blend Curtains for a Casual Chic Room

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Living room decorating ideas

Window Curtain with Valance

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Give a creative makeover to your home with stylish and chic curtains. Easy and economical, curtains can change the very appearance and feel of your home. While they definitely add to the style factor in a room, they also work as the perfect coolant in those hot summer afternoons. It actually pretty much depends on you, how you wish to use curtains in your home. Whether they will play a decorative role or the whole room will be centered around them, it will all depend on your taste and requirement? But if you are in the process of making your home or revamping it and don’t wish to change curtains frequently, then it is essential that you play smart and explore some wise options.

Pink Curtains

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If you want curtains that will blend well with most styles and furniture, then go for them in natural hues. Opt for pastel shades of pink, blue, cream or green, which will most likely go with a varied variety of furniture and fit in any kind of room and décor easily. And when going for soft colors you can try textured or patterned curtains. They can enhance the appeal of your room. Stripes can also be a perfect option. They are timeless, versatile and can look nice with plain curtains. So, if you want you can add plain and textured curtains in a room for a different and varied look. However, if you like your home textiles bold, then ensure that your furniture and wall paint is of neutral tone otherwise, your room will look too full and gaudy. Moreover, bold curtains will draw the complete attention and become the focal point in your room, which is why it becomes all the more important that your rugs, furniture, and wall hue should be neutral. 

Image source: Decoist

Like, neutral curtains, it is essential that you stick to simple curtain accessories. The curtain trimmings, tiebacks, and valances should be simple. So, you can use it for a fairly long time. In case you change the room paint or furniture, simple curtain accessories will continue to look good and blend well with different type of set-up. While the color should be soft, a design should also be a simple one giving your room a casual finishing. 

Curtain Valances

Image source: Boscovs

Along with color and embellishments, you should also keep the fabric simple. Try polyester or cotton curtains instead of heavy silk, satin or velvet ones. It goes a long way in giving a “Casual Chic” finishing to your room. Unless, if you want especially your living room to look dressy, then explore heavy curtain fabrics. So, if you like to make the one-time investment in your curtains, then stick to neutral tones with simple design and they will grace your windows and doors curtains for a long time to come.


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