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One Stop Solutions for Insects & Rodents : Door Seal

Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by Rachit Jain

Make your room insects & Rodents Free. Use Door Seal.

Everyone loves monsoon and enjoys it a lot, we also know that monsoon is the time when insects take birth, which is the cause of lots of disease like fever, flu, infection etc. We have to take some steps to save us from insects. Either we have to stop them taking birth or save our self by preventing them to enter our rooms. To stop them taking birth we have to clean our nearby areas, don’t let water stuck in any place, use pest control sprays in 2-3 days.To stop them entering in rooms always shut the doors & windows of the room. Don’t forget to fill the gap between door and floor by using DOOR SEAL. Door Seal seals the gap between door and floor and doesn't allow any insects and rodents to enter in your room.

  • Stop entering Dust, Germs from outside
  • Stop entering Insects & Rodents.
  • Prevents unwanted lights entering in rooms
  • Protects from outside weather
  • Helps Saving 20% on your Air Conditioner Bill

Where to buy Door Seal?

You can buy door seal from any hardware shops or you can buy it online from Deco WIndow by clicking Door Seal
Deco WIndow Door Seal comes in 3 vibrant colors Brown, Chocolate & Ivory, it is water resistant & rust proof also and has 10 years of durability warranty. You can use door seal on wooden, Glass or metal doors.


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