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Drape your Windows in Style

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Curtain Style Guide

Draping your windows is one thing and doing it in style is another. Every home has drapes but once you add some style to it they will look different and beautify your home, manifold. Most homes use drapes for decorative purpose, so how can you give them a different look is something that will always keep irking you. But this task may not be that difficult as there are ample curtain accessories available in the market today and you can make your curtain beautiful and distinct with ease

How about accessorising your beautiful curtains with some timeless Tiebacks. They can instantly glam-up your curtains and give a neat, finishing touch. Tiebacks have been in use from times in memorial and many of us avoid them considering it to be an old-fashion. However, while maintaining their functionality the designing has been redefined altogether. They can actually give a new lease of life to your curtains. There is such an amazing variety available in online and offline markets that you will love adorning your curtains with this beautiful piece of accessory. 

If you like a simple Tieback, then you can explore the rope or heritage style, and for a new, chic look experiment with bead or medallion ones. They will instantly spice-up your curtains and give a neat finish to your room. Maybe for the bedroom curtains you can opt for simple ones and use the decorative variety for living room. Other than their beautifying role, tiebacks give you an easy access to regulate lighting in your room. Moreover, pushing back curtains for sunlight or cleaning purpose without tiebacks looks quite untidy. So, this simple and highly functional accessory can easily manage multiple tasks for you. Give your room a tidy and crisp finish, and glorify your curtains with an enduring tieback. You can browse and check for curtain tiebacks or curtain holdbacks online and explore the many options before buying. 

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