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Polish your Home to Perfection

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Perfect tips to decor your home

Home making is a joyful and never-ending process. We always feel the need of changing, replacing or simply adding something new to give a new look and feel to our home. Sometimes, we find it tedious but then polishing our nest to perfection is something we all want, all the time. Every little piece of accessory or big furniture can make a difference. So, you need to be careful, while opting for accessories, furniture or home textiles to have a prim and proper home. 

Home Interior Decor

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And there are some things we keep changing frequently as we feel it will change the appearance of a room and give a refreshing change. Among others, most of us like playing around with home textiles like curtains, cushion covers, and bedding sets. Just the way you focus on your room curtain like the make, fabric, length and color, equally important is your curtain rod. How you hang your curtains is equally important to maintain the good looks of your room. This task becomes challenging as there is an increasingly varied variety available in the market today, which makes it difficult for you to decide what will look the best. So, it is important to analyze, ideate and picture if your curtains will look good on a particular curtain rod. It should not be an ill-fitting one otherwise, your effort and investment will be a waste. 

Sheer Curtains

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When choosing a curtain rod, it is essential that it syncs with the curtain. If you are opting for curtains in a heavy fabric like silk or planning to put lining under the curtain, then a thick and bold rod will blend well. While, if it is a lightweight curtain in polyester or cotton, then a thin and subtle curtain rod can be apt. Likewise, the make and color of the rod are equally important. You get metallic, wooden, electroplated, power coated and much more varieties in the market, so you need to decide what will go well with your curtains. Along with curtains, the other furniture housing a room should also be considered. Electroplated or wooden ones can go with a room with a traditional flavor, and metallic or power coated ones are more for a contemporary set-up. 

Curtain Rods

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In addition, you will also get a lot of variety in terms of the shape of the rod and finials. There is cone, ball, hexagon, oval and many other shapes of curtain rods, which help you to give a distinct look to your room. If you are living in a rented accommodation, you can explore the extendable curtain rods, so that you can use it flexibly. Likewise, if the lining is something you don’t prefer, then go for sheer curtains and buy double curtain rods. So, when you buy curtain rods, weigh and explore the multitude of options that the market offers and revamp your home to perfection.

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