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6 Tips to Choose the Perfect Bedding

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Tips for selecting luxurious bedding

Your bedroom is the most important place in your house. Studies suggest we spend almost third of our lives in our bedroom. The bed being the focal point of a room it is essential that you hone it with the finest bedding collections. You can compromise on that piece of décor but when it comes to bedding you should splurge and go that extra mile. The perfect bedding is the key to a healthy you as there is nothing like sleeping on a clean, crisp and fresh sheet. Moreover, bedding changes the look and feel of your bedroom. So, do your research well and invest liberally in that piece of bedding. 


Here are some tips that will come handy in choosing bedding for your room.

  1. The Thread Count Game: Thread counts refer to the number of vertical and horizontal threads in one square inch of a fabric. It is generally said, that the higher the thread count the better will be the quality of your bedsheet. It is the thread count that makes the bedsheet softer and more durable. As a thumb rule, you can buy a bedsheet with a thread count of over 200. So, don’t just buy that expensive bedsheet as it comes with a 1200 thread count. Anything over 200 is good enough.
  2. The Yarn, The Weave: The thread count definitely matters but equally important is the quality of the yarn and weave. If the fabric quality is not good, the thread count will not be able to play its magic. So, it is essential that you know your yarn well. A fine quality fabric will feel better and softer after subsequent washes and will also last longer. Likewise, the weave plays a role in the look and feel of the bedsheet. You usually get to make a choice between sateen or percale. While, sateen will give you that soft, smooth feel, percale offers crisp, flat and even finishing. So, depending on your preference you can choose. Put in simple terms, the yarn defines the construction quality and weave plays the finishing touch.
  3. Fabric is Essential: When it comes to choosing the fabric of your bedsheet you need to decide depending upon the maintenance part. Silk and sateen bed sheet looks great in appearance but demands a little more care. While, cotton and polycotton are easy on maintenance. You can machine-wash them too. If that smooth finishing and feel is your requirement, then opt for silk or sateen make. But if soothing, crisp and flat finishing is what you desire, then let cotton or polycotton be the choice.
  4. Print, Plain or Textured: Every bedsheet has its own grace, you can easily make a choice between print, plain or textured one. Print and textured ones demand less maintenance. With some ruching or pintucks design, wrinkles will also not show on the bedsheet. So, just wash and drape. While if you go for plain ones, you get the option of accessorizing the way you want. Add some throw cushions and pillows of your choice and have a vibrant bedroom.

Know Your Style: Your bed is the center of attraction in your room, so you need to sync it up with the overall room décor. If you have a contemporary room décor, then go for bedding in a similar fashion. But it doesn’t mean you can’t play around with color and different designs. Use pillows and cushions to pop-up a different texture, color and design. 


These easy, breezy tips can come to your aid when you want to buy bedding collections for your bedroom. You can find such fine quality yarn, weaving and varied designer bedsheets from Our range of luxury bedding sets can definitely add to the grace of your bedroom. Coming in various color schemes, you can get complete bedding sets including bed cover, cushion and pillow covers from 


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