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A Laundry Sorter, A Must in Every Home

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Laundry Room Storage Ideas

A laundry sorter comes with different bags and you can segregate clothes as per the instructions. You can keep white, dark colour, and delicate clothes separately. It is best that you keep this laundry sorter in the laundry room, utility balcony or bathroom, and everyone puts the right set of clothes in the right bag. So, white clothes go in the white bag and so on. This way you can directly put all white clothes in the wash cycle, at once and finish the laundry process, quickly. 
Understanding this growing requirement of urban homes, Deco Window launches solid and sturdy laundry basket sorter that will streamline your laundry process with ease. We have laundry sorters in three and one bag option. So, you can organize your clothes in the three removable bags, which are made from waterproof fabric. Coming with metal handles it is also easy to move around this laundry sorter. Moreover, made of heavy-duty, chrome plated metal frame, this rust-resistant sorter will ease your laundry process for a long time to come. So, don’t worry if your utility balcony is not covered. This laundry sorter will withstand dust and water, and stay new for long. In addition, assembling it will also be easy. It comes with the required tools and you can assemble it easily at home. But, if space is a constraint or it’s a small family, you can opt for single laundry sorter. It is also apt for people who put clothes for washing every day. The only difference is that it comes with a single removable bag as against the 3 bag laundry sorter. 
Here is an image of the product and you benefit with free shipping as well.
laundry room storage    laundry storage 
To order your laundry bag online from Deco Window and make your laundry process a breeze, check here in coming days. You can view both the products with detailed product descriptions, and then order online with ease. 

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