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Double rod curtains are a way to move from an outdated single curtain design to a more unique and modern style. The problem we face with a single rod is that if we want to let some light pass through the day, we need to open the curtain, however the amount of light entering is excessive than required. Therefore by adding a double rod, we can add sheer as well as thick curtain to satisfy our needs. The sheer curtain is placed in the inner rod and the thick curtain is placed on the outer rod. Add a sheer curtain to allow sunlight and privacy for the night with thick curtains.

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B – BRACKET for wall
Something’s is for beauty and others are a necessity. Your curtain rod brackets fall in this category of necessity. The best of curtains will lose the splendor if they are not hanged properly. So, you need to opt for strong and sturdy curtain brackets that can hold your curtains gracefully. The make here takes precedence. You should go for wall brackets made from premium quality metal.

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Add stylish and affordable curtains from deco window to get the modern and stylish look. Allow a small space to have a great impact with the new bright collection of curtains from Deco Window. The polyester fabrics look just perfect when sunlight is showered on it. The Pink colors give a fun and frolic feeling to your bedroom. The Abstract pattern of the curtain will act as a decorative piece; you will not need fancy and expensive furniture to add to home décor, hence stay simple and classy.

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D- DOUBLE BRACKET for 2 curtains
it provides stability if you choose to put two curtains. It also has a decorative role to play along with functional.

Shop online for wide range of living room curtains and designer curtains.

Curtains add décor to your room and are way more than a window dressing. The right set of window curtains can change the whole atmosphere and appeal of a room. Other than offering warmth and privacy, they definitely add to the décor factor. So, choosing the right set of fabric for curtains is a must. You need to view your windows from a holistic point of view, considering the color, fabric, design, length and lining requirement.

Shop online for wide range of living room curtains and designer curtains.
Accessorize your curtain with holdbacks to give a neat and finishing touch. With a wide variety of designs of window curtain holders, deciding the one that best blends with your curtains and room décor will be easy. If your curtains are plain, then complement them with designer curtain holders and if they are heavy then going for simple ones will be the best. Likewise, you must also take into consideration the weight of the curtains. If they are heavy, then accordingly choosing the curtain holdback otherwise it will not look appropriate.

Shop online for wide range of living room curtains and designer curtains.

Hang the curtains first and then hold them back by jhallars. They give a royal look to the room and can be done without spending a fortune. They are a classy and elegant way to give your window treatment. There is a wide variety of trimming available at Its an ideal accessory for plain curtain and is available in many colors. Shop for such curtain tassels in different hues and pay per meter. So, you don’t need to buy in bulk, anything above 3 meters will be delivered. You can shortlist, compare and once convinced add to cart, process the payment and get all the curtain trimmings home delivered. Let your home showcase your unique taste and a creative bend of mind with such simple yet beautiful curtain trims.

Shop online for wide range of living room curtains and designer curtains.
M- motorized curtain rod
Open and close curtains with a click on the remote. The advanced technology makes human right simple and stress-free. Walking up to open and close the room is very old school, shift to the motorized curtain rods which are must-have for refined living.

P - A Portiere
A curtain panel placed over a doorway or door is referred to as A Portiere. You can use it to keep the room warm or cold or simply for decorative purpose. When going for insulation purpose, explore curtains in thick and heavy variety, and for the decorative purpose simply go for ones that you like. Sheer curtains can also be apt for embellishing.

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Should be in sync or on a contract so that they blend beautifully, a weight of the rings should not be too light because it will not hold the curtains gracefully.

Shop online for wide range of living room curtains and designer curtains.

V- valence
Give your room windows a crisp and classy touch with decorative window valances. They can transform the complete look and feel of a room. You can pair a valance with curtain or blind to instantly uplift the appearance of a window. Otherwise, you can also hang a valance in a small window without curtain and blind. It will enhance its appeal, as well. It may make you fall for that tiny window, all over again.

Shop online for wide range of living room curtains and designer curtains.
W- wooden rod
Wooden rods add a polished finish to your room and enhance the appeal of your curtains. These window curtain rods take you back to the royal time. Shop wooden curtain rods online @

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