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Bath essentials and decor

Bathroom Decorating Essentials

bathroom decor

You may not have the perfect bathroom, but there are various ways of sprucing up this space. It may be small or spacious, unusual or awkward in your place, but just putting the few essentials and bathroom décor pieces right can help make it organized and functional. So, if you don’t have that fabulous bathroom, but want to make the best use of the existing one, then below are some tips that will come handy.

shower curtain

1. Shower Curtains: To make the bathroom space beautiful, add shower curtains. Adding colours and texture can be the best way, to give a completely new and swanky feel to space. You can try this trick in your old bathroom and give it a refreshing feel. Shower curtains will not only help compartmentalize the bathing space but add to the décor factor. You can look for shower curtains in different prints and colours, and indulge in a tropical oasis, every day.

2. Shower Rod: Along with the shower curtains, changing the shower rod will help complete the look and give a refined touch. There are a lot of options in shower rods too in terms of colour and finishing. So, you can sync it with the curtain colour and give the bathroom a coordinated appearance. Choosing the right curtain hardware will not only accentuate the look of the curtains but will also hold the curtain gracefully.

3. Laundry Sorter: In addition to these décor means, it is essential to organize the bathroom and one thing, which needs attention is the laundry. With laundry scattered on the bathroom floor, it will look cluttered and shabby. This is where a laundry sorter can come to your aid. All worn garments can be neatly kept in this laundry bag in a sorted manner so that it will be easy at the time of washing them too.


shower curtain rod laundry sorter

4. De-Clutter & Gather the Supplies: After making these decorative and functional changes, it is important to the de-clutter bathroom. Try to gather all the supplies, keep only the everyday essentials in the bathroom and store the rest away in some other wardrobe. This process should be a continuous one, otherwise, the clean bathroom will soon be bygone, again.

bathroom decor

Try incorporating the above changes to organize, decorate and clean up the bathroom. It will help give a spacious, clean and clear feel. This will be comfortable for you and work well, even in terms of maintenance. When you buy bathroom curtains, look for an option made of polyester, which you can machine wash and have it clean. Likewise, opt for a quality rod, which can withstand the dampness in the bathroom. The same requirement should be meted by the laundry sorter. It should be big enough to accommodate daily laundry and bag quality should be such that there are no frequent fungal stains on it. In addition, one should be able to easily wash and maintain the laundry bag, at home. If you are looking for the above bath essentials and décor, then there are plenty of options for you by Deco Window. Check the range here and decorate your bathroom easily from the comfort of your home. With these means, maintaining and having a hotel-like bathroom will be a reality.

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