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Can shower curtains create the splash?

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Create a splash with your shower curtains

shower curtain designs

Functional and decorative, curtains have the potential to transform any space. Similar is the case with shower curtains. A perfect accessory for every bathroom, it helps you enjoy privacy while keeping the floor clean and dry. It might seem a small detail, but a shower curtain can create the splash in your bathroom, so choosing it right is essential. If you want to make that plop with a shower curtain, here is what you need to keep in mind, while choosing one.

The Make, The Fabric: You need to choose the shower curtain fabric right. Cottons and linens may tempt you, but their maintenance and damping issues will be a challenge in the long run. So, go for polyester ones, which are easy to maintain, long lasting and affordable. But if the elegance and sophistication of a cotton or linen shower curtain appeals to you, then don’t forget to add curtain liners. It is these curtain liners that will take care of the dampness and prevent your luxury shower curtains from succumbing to fungi and other stains.

designer shower curtains

The Colour, The Design: Go for shower curtains, which blend well with the bathroom colours and design. You can have something that pops out in a subtle bathroom, like a striking pink or blue or go for a shade lighter or darker. The idea should be to have a cohesive look. So, your bathroom colour, curtains, towels and mat should be in sync otherwise it gives an unplanned feel. Of course, your bath mat and curtains will not match perfectly, but choosing it from the same colour family can define the overall look.

Likewise, when it comes to the shower curtain design, you can go for patterned or printed curtains in a solid colour bathroom. But if the tiles are patterned or your towels for that matter, then it will look confusing with an overdose of patterns. So, go for printed shower curtains and keep the rest of the theme and accessories in solid, giving an elegant impression.

shower curtain designs

The Minimalist Bathroom: With shower curtains and other accessories, you can have a minimalist bathroom. Go for everything in a solid and subtle colour. May be, a monochrome bathroom where everything is either black or white and as far as the curtains are concerned, let it be a fine blend of both the colours. Alternatively, infusing pastels or shades of grey can help you have a minimalist bathroom. And you should look for these elements in your unique shower curtains as they will help you achieve that minimalism.

The Length, The Width: When it comes to shower curtains, the length should be a few inches above the floor. But if you like it long, then get it for a bathroom, which you don’t use frequently. So, how about long or extra long shower curtains in your guest bathroom. Likewise, when it comes to the width of the curtains, your privacy should be the deciding factor.

fabric shower curtains

The Hardware, The Rods: There is a lot of variety in terms of shower rod designs, so choose the one that best suits your bathroom. The hooks and rings should also complement well with the overall style. And for the eyelets ensure you pick a rust-resistant one. So, pay equal attention to the shower curtain and rod.

Keep these tips in mind when you choose shower curtains for bathroom. It is an essential accessory in your bathroom and you need to choose it right. If you are looking for a water-repellent variety of shower curtains online, then check a fantastic range at decowindow. Made of polyester, shower curtains at are long lasting and come with great looks. Carefully designed and made, these shower curtains will enhance the appeal of your bathroom, making it well-designed and a beautiful one.

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