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Cash on Delivery

Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store byGurupada Mohapatra

Cash on Delivery Payment System

Deco Window, Online Store has recently launched a new payment method; the Cash on Delivery system. Let us get a little understanding of the concept to ensure you enjoy the benefits it has to offer. The Cash on delivery system, which is also referred as COD, is the sale of products on our online platform, which allows you to make the payment once the products have been delivered to your doorstep, rather than making the payment beforehand. The new system from DecoWindow offers you various benefits.

The Benefits Cash on Delivery

  • A level of trust is established

The first and most important benefit you will gain is trust with Deco Window. You will be able to trust us, as you will pay for the beautiful window curtains or just unique curtain accessories ordered after you receive the product at your doorstep. We are offering you this payment system to ensure you will review the products you have ordered for before making any payments, this is just to ensure you are satisfied with the item that has been delivered.

  • The transaction is hassle free for you 

The COD system is a hassle free transaction; all you need to do is have the cash ready when your favourite curtain accessories arrive. Additionally, you do not have to keep worrying about dashing to the bank to deposit cash or pulling out your credit card to make the payment for your purchase. If you make payments using the credit card and forget to make the deposit on time, the bank may penalize you, however, with the new system we have incorporated saves you from this extra cost.

  • You have assured safety from frauds

Online shopping can be a risky option when you make your payments using your credit card to purchase various items. As you can run the risk of credit card fraud, therefore, you will need to be extra careful when making payments. However, with the cash on delivery system we have launched, you do not have to worry about running into credit frauds; it is a very safe option that ensures our customers their money will not be lost while purchasing our unique products online.

The cash on delivery system on Deco Window online store is the easy and safe payment option you have been waiting for, it is also able to offer cheaper rates as the cash payment system does not attract extra charges. So go on, place your order now on the various types of curtains and curtain accessories and motorized curtain rods or just on the different beautiful deco window products available.

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