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Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by  sarabjeet dua

Light consists of the seven primary colours Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Each color is associated with a particular part of our body and will affect us emotionally, physically, or mentally. Scientifically it has been proved that colours affect us. Our mood, health, happiness are all affected by the colors around us. For example, at times we like wearing bright colors, while sometimes we prefer to wear dull ones. This is why Colour Therapy has become popular these days.

Spiritualism is what this color emanates. Signifying knowledge, temperance and devotion, this color improves concentration, memory and stabilizes the mind. Ideal for scholars, working professionals and students these are best suited for study and prayer rooms. Since it exudes contentment, it should not be used in work places or for people who are ambitious. It is rather good for indecisive and unsatisfied (for no reason) individuals.

Ideal for study and meditation areas, this color enhances psychic abilities, spirituality and helps connect with the inner self. When combined with yellow or white they offer supreme psychological benefits. In fact, barring the kitchen and toilets, this color can be used anywhere in the house.

BLUE colour is associated with nature. Blue is the colour of sky and water, hence blue is also associated with vastness. Where as light blue creates calm and peace in the mind of the beholder. This color is recommended for bedroom, meditation room or for a room designed for relaxing or sleeping. Being the color of water and sky, it embodies inspiration, truth, devotion and emotions. It also contains healing powers and is ideal for children or elderly’s bedroom but should not be used for workplaces because of its unstable and reducing nature.

GREEN is the colour of vegetation, so it represents growth. Green colour represents peace and harmony. Being the symbol of nature it is considered to generate calm and inner peace. This colour also represents mental intelligence. Lighter shaded of Green are good for study room as it rejuvenates the ideas.It’s essentially the color of nature and signifies abundance fertility, growth, prosperity and positive energy. Good for health ailments like high BP and heart problems, this color sooth the eyes and nerves, and also works well with areas that require use of the mind. It’s best used in the south eastern part of bedrooms aiding harmony and peace.

Yellow color is bright and energizing color associated with sun. It stimulates the brain cells and nurtures clarity of thoughts. Yellow colour is considered to enhance patience and wisdom in a person. Hence it is recommended for study room, office etc. Best used on the northern walls, this color signifies activity, illumination, intellect and vibrancy. It is also helpful in stabilizing the mind and improving concentration, making them ideal for work and study related areas.

Orange color is known as the colour of spirituality. Orange colour has the ability to stimulate appetite. It is known to enhance communication power, feeling of positivity, cheerfulness and interaction. A significant contributor to vitality and health, orange signifies ambition, communication and pride. It can be termed to be a volatile color hence should not be used for people with angry nature. South-east or south walls of kitchens are the best place for this color to be used. Ambitious or people lacking ambition completely can benefit from the use of this color.

Red color represents power, vitality and zest. Red colour displays warmth and energizes our mood. Red colour is know to ignite passion and desire and is known to create excitement and enthusiasm for life. Red colour also represents fire. Passion, energy, materialism and will power is what this color symbolizes. It also embodies life force and should ideally be used in the south facing walls of bedrooms. However it should be noted that lighter shades of red, like pink, light pink, should be used for positive energies. Darker shades of red signify anger and should be avoided in bedroom spaces. This color is good for newlywed couples, those who wish to conceive, or those who are facing conflicts in their relationships.

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