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Blend Classic and Contemporary Home Décor Ideas

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Contemporary Home Décor Ideas

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Design is where the classic and contemporary break even. When it comes to designing your house, let there be the best of old and new. Don’t let contemporary take over classical or vice versa. Your home is a mirror of your personality, your tastes and sometimes it is difficult to contain, don’t limit your liking and imagination. You don’t need to think twice about your decision of going contrasty as being matchy-matchy is bygone. It is completely cool and trendy to have a vintage touch in a contemporary home. If you wish to amalgamate and get the best of old and new in your home design ideas, then here are some means to achieve this end.

outdoor lighting

1. Blend Contemporary Lights with Garden Torch: When it comes to home décor, lighting takes center stage. The right lighting plays an important role in giving a warm and soft touch to your home décor. Along with contemporary, you can have trendy lights like chandeliers and pendant lamps, as outdoor lighting with garden torches. It is a beautiful, traditional way of illuminating your home. Giving a mashal-like effect, a garden torch with a modern lamp can definitely bring out the best of old and new. Moreover, a tiki torch is a natural way of lighting-up space. You don’t need to burn electricity to light it. But, purchase environment-friendly Citronella oil, which produces less smoke and helps to keep mosquitoes at bay. So, light-up the home garden or deck with it and have a beautifully lit up home with a rustic touch.

2. Infuse Metal and Wood Curtain Rods: There is something about wood it automatically gives an earthy touch and classy feel to space. Along with metal curtain rods, don’t hesitate to add wood curtain rods in your home. You don’t need to have the same curtain rods in the entire house unless you swear by a homogenous look. Mix and match the curtain rods, after all, small changes can make a big difference in the look and feel of a space. If you like to synchronize your curtains with the rods, then check for metallic ones, which come with a different colour coating. But, if contrasting looks appealing to you, then wooden rods can be ideal. A wood polish rod has its own appeal and can enhance the look of your curtain.

3. Timeless Tiebacks & Metallic Holders: Like curtain rods, you can also mix and match with curtain tiebacks and holdbacks. For some curtains, explore the traditional fabric made tieback and go for a metallic holder for some others. It will beautifully grace your home and exhibit your mind and preferences. A tieback made of fabric infuses colour and texture to a room, so a simple curtain can be adorned with it. But, if the curtain is already heavy, then highlight it using a holdback. The metallic make will break the fabric monotony and draw attention along with the curtain. Unique in their own ways it’s an easy and beautiful way of retaining the old world charm in your home décor.

extendable curtain rod  Curtain Holdbacks

4. The Neutral, The Bold: Bring in textures and colours to play with neutral tone beddings and bold cushions. Beddings and cushions can instantly spruce up space. To give a formal touch, you can look for complete bed sets with shams, cushions, and quilt in a neutral colour tone, and accentuate them with contrasting cushion cover designs. In transitional spaces, where the modern and old looks meet, neutral tones can create a sense of comfort. While, the neutral tone bed sets will give a timeless vibe to your place, embellishing with multiple cushions in bold colours will add a contemporary flavour.

Curtain Tie Backs online  cushions online

5. The Window Coverings: Along with the bedding and cushions, you can bring neutrals to play in the window coverings, as well. If the wall paint is in soft hues, then go for dark colour curtains and hone a contemporary room. But, to add a traditional flavour go for non-patterned fabrics. Stick to solid curtains to have that soothing touch and feel. Likewise, if you plan to go for blinds, then they automatically create that rustic effect. Especially, if you put roller blinds in neutral colours on a small window it immediately reminds you of the olden days and gives a vintage touch to your home. If you like to experiment and blend, then you can add curtains on some windows and decorate the small ones with roller blinds. These blinds are perfect for small windows, kitchen, and bathroom too. Easy to maintain and clean, they will give that countryside touch to your home.

Curtains online  roller blinds

So, strike the balance between the traditional and contemporary home décor and have a comfortable and classic ambience at home. Infuse a neutral colour scheme, simple lines and light and warmth in your home décor by having the right blend of classic and contemporary. If you wish to strike such a balance in your home décor, then explore the range at Deco Window. It is where the old meets the new and polishes your home beyond your expectation. From metallic to wood curtain rods, fabric tieback to holders, Deco Window is one stop shop for window solutions. Along with window treatment, our exclusive garden torch, classy bedding, and cushion covers can embellish your home décor way beyond your imagination. You can view the complete collection here and give your home décor a complete makeover. After all, opposites attract is a universal law and you can make it a reality in your home décor. Let your space look considered and not chaotic with the right blend of these tips and ideas.

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