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5 Curtain Ideas to Dress Your Windows Right

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Beautiful window decore ideas

Every window at your home requires a perfect complement. If you treat your windows right, they can become the focal point of the room. So, make your room complete and windows central by giving the right treatment. You can opt for various window treatments depending upon your requirement. But something that has been in vogue forever is curtains. Yes, curtains are more or less the perfect fit in every home. However, there is a lot of variety that you get in curtains today, making it essential that you make your wise choice. Versatile and completely customizable, there is so much you can do with room curtains reflecting your taste and designing skills.

Take a look and find your inspiration for the right window treatment for each room.

1. Blend of Opaque & Sheer Curtains: Sheer curtains are in vogue but the only reason people tend to refrain is privacy factor. So, how about blending them with opaque curtains? Yes, a sheer curtain in the center with opaque ones on either sides or sheer curtains on the secondary curtain rod, and opaque ones on the primary. 

living room curtains

Using these techniques, you can give a formal and light feel to the room, depending upon your requirement. Moreover, during the day time when you want the sunlight to filter inside your bedroom bring the sheer curtains to play and at night, let the opaque ones give you a dark room for a good night sleep. 

window treatment ideas

living room curtains

2. Layer it Up: Give that wow touch to your room by layering with curtains. Yeah, so you simply need to have a mixture of stylish curtains and layer them for that updated and unique design. Adding layers with curtains gives a touch of cosiness, luxury and elegance to a room. It can be a great way of styling-up your living room windows.

curtain ideas for living room



3. Stylish yet Simple: For your formal dining room set-up, hanging heavy drapes below the ceiling can give the impact. Go for curtains designs in jacquard or silk make and blend the curtain rod and rings well. When it comes to giving the right window treatment it requires a holistic vision. Your curtains will be as important as the curtain hardware. You can also go for wooden curtain rods to give that majestic touch to your formal dining room.

valances window treatments

window drapes

 4. Pretty & Practical: Add warmth to your room by infusing curtains in deep, bold hues. That solid, deep blue is sure to go well with your contemporary bedroom set-up and add a warm touch. And as far as possible, try to hang the curtains close to the window frame to keep the natural light at bay and enjoy a cosy set-up. Curtains in bold hues and plain patterns are in vogue and can give the welcoming and cordial ambience you need every night for a sound.

window curtain design        

5. Bold Contrast: Dress your home windows the way you like. So, if bold contrasting curtains are on your mind, then don’t hesitate to experiment. They can instantly make the windows focal to your room and give a refreshed feel. But when trying bold contrast window curtains, keep the window hardware a low key, so that the focus remains on the contrasting curtains. 

curtains at decowindow

Infuse these trendywindow treatments ideas and give a completely new look and feel to every room in your home. Whether it is layering-up curtains for living room or playing with bolds in your secondary room, try to go for a different treatment in each room. Every room, every window is different in a home and deserves a different treatment. 

The curtain designs, colors, and patterns referred in this blog can be viewed and bought from decowindow. You can get a lot of variety in window curtains at Deco Window. Whether you have that sheer curtain in your mind for your bedroom or heavy drape for your dining room you can easily buy curtains online from There are also window hardware options from which you can choose. So, make your windows integral to your home décor with stylish and simple curtains from

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