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Curtain Rods Buying Tips

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curtain rods and brackets

The way curtains frame your windows, the curtain rods frame your curtains. If you wish to give that impeccable treatment to your windows, then choosing everything right is essential. One such component, which you must choose right is the Curtain Rod. Yes, they are visible and have an influencing role in the room décor. So, the moment you finalize the curtains for your room, you should start searching for the right curtain rod. Below are some curtain rods buying tips that will come handy.

window curtain rods

1. Curtain Rod Diameter: When it comes to choosing the curtain rod diameter to go for one which is at least one inch thick. If you go for thin curtain rods, they may bend over a period of time as they will not be able to hold the weight of your curtains. Moreover, if your drapes are heavy, then going for window curtain rods with more than an inch diameter may be a better option. This will maintain the aesthetics and provide the perfect curtain support.

2. Curtain Rod Length: The length of the curtain rod should be determined by the kind of impact you want your windows to give. If you want to give the effect of bigger windows, then look for curtain rods at least 3-4 inches longer than the window frame. It will give the illusion of big windows. In addition, longer curtain rods can hold the curtains gracefully when you pull them back. There is enough space and the curtains will rest against the wall and not cover the window.

3. Curtain Rod Colour: With multiple options in the market today, choosing the curtain rod colour can get overwhelming. But, if you too wish to make it the highlight of the room, then choose a colour in contrast to the wall paint and curtains. This way the rods will stand out. However, if you don’t want the steel curtain rods to be seen at all, then simply choose it of the same colour as the wall paint. This way they will blend seamlessly.

4. Curtain Rods with Clips: To give an illusion of more height to the window frame, you can use it with curtain clips. These will instantly add to the height factor giving the feel of tall windows.

Extendable curtain rods

5. Curtain Rods with Extendible Feature: If you are not sure of the window dimensions or switch homes, then look for curtain rods with an extendible feature. This way you will not have to worry about dimensions or buy new rods when you shift to a new place. Extendible curtain rods save you the time, energy and money. It’s a one time, safe investment, which you can use for a long time.

6. Double Curtain Rods: When it comes to choosing the curtain rod, if you plan to layer, then explore the variety in double curtain rods. They can beautifully hold two different curtains and give the layering and colour effect. So, if you want sheer and blackout curtains in your room or dark and light colour ones, then double curtain rods are the right option.

Using the above tips you can buy the perfect curtain rod for your windows, which will frame them to perfection. If you are looking for such curtain rods, then Deco Window has a lot for you. There are curtain rods, double and extendible curtain rods in varying dimensions and you can buy the one that best suits your home needs. Some of them come with designer curtain rods brackets and finials too. So, you can accentuate the windows to perfection with the right curtain rod and give a glamorous touch with a designer finial. In addition, the brackets will hold the curtains well. View the variety here in different colours, finishing and combinations, buy curtain rods online and give your windows the perfect treatment.

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