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Tie the Tieback Correctly

A tie back is a strip or loop of material, heavy braid, or the like, used for holding a curtain back to one side. It is an essential accessory for the curtain and takes care of your window treatment. Tie backs are customary way to dress the curtains and make them look complete.

Mark the spot

Keep a pencil and measuring tape handy when you decide to fix a tieback. Measure accurately 39 inches up from the floor if you are planning to use an 84 inch long curtain. It is advisable to ask someone to help you with this otherwise you may make a mistake, if you decide to do it alone. Ask someone to hold the curtain panel back at this level. Stand away from the place at a distance to see if it is perfectly placed. If you don’t find the place appropriate then adjust the level. Mark the spot with a pencil.

If you can’t determine the length of the curtain then divide the height into three parts. For instance if you have a window that is 60 inches tall, then divide it by three and you will get 20, measure 20 inches up from the bottom of the window for the tie back. Adjust the level to see if you are pleased with the result and then accordingly mark the place on the wall.

Repeat same procedure to the other side of the wall by measuring and marking the spot to ensure you have made no errors. Then fully close the curtains, hold the panels back and take a look to see if the spots you marked look good.

Drill the Spot

Once you have marked the spots, the next step is to drill the set, which is much easier. Fix the screw into the holes with a screwdriver. Repeat the process at the other end of the window.


Do not fit the tie-back hooks until after the curtains have been hung, so that you can check if the outside edges of the curtains hang straight.

Formal vs Casual Tiebacks

If you treat your window with a classy satin rope or a tassel tie back it will give it a formal look. Give it a casual feel by using tie backs made of cotton, ribbon or jute fabric.

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