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Curtain Tracks, It’s Benefits & Beyond

Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by Deco Seo

Curtain Tracks & Systems

Curtain Tracks

The way you design your home speaks volumes about your preference and personality. It is the décor of your home, which makes your dwelling different from that of your next door neighbour. For this reason, it is essential that you think out of the box, view everything at home carefully and design it in a distinct manner. One such aspect of home décor, which gives meaning to it is the modern window treatment. Yes, the kind of curtains or blinds you choose and the hardware for accentuating it adds to the ornamentation part, beyond measure. Considering the importance of the window treatment, there is constant innovation taking place in this aspect of interior designing. When it comes to choosing curtains and hardware, there are choices aplenty from which you can pick and choose.

Most people put much effort into deciding upon the curtains that will go with the room décor. However, the same attention is amiss in choosing the curtain hardware. While just the way curtain fabric and print makes a difference to the décor, the way you hang them will have its impact, too. Choosing the decorative curtain rod or curtain track, i.e. the curtain hardware is also essential both from an aesthetic and functionality point of view. 

Read on this blog to gather more information about a popular form of curtain hardware – curtain track, its benefits and beyond.

Curtain Tracks

Over the past few years, curtain tracks are becoming a popular choice of curtain hardware in modern homes. Curtain tracks also known as traverse rod are unique and blend with a wall. They are also designed to fit behind a decorative element like a valance or pelmet. Equipped with an internal tracking system it glides and offers comfortable, smooth operation. There is also another variety of curtain rails with carriers to attach the curtain. This one is also easy to use. Both these types of curtain tracks have an aluminium make and come in different styles, sizes and colours. It is this hidden internal tracking mechanism, which is corded, uncorded or motorised that makes these tracks discreet and sought after. Moreover, completely customizable you can bend them in different window shapes, unlike a curtain rod.

Benefits of Curtain Tracks

There are many reasons behind the increasing popularity of curtain tracks over the years. Below are some of its benefits, which are making it a preferred form of curtain hardware.

Curtain Tracks glider

  • Minimalist Profile: When you hang the curtains using curtain track gliders it imparts a clean and minimalist look. Its internal tracking system comes with gliders or carriers, which are hidden behind the curtain heading. Unlike curtain rings, these are less noticeable and give an austere look.
  • Ease of Use: Along with enhancing the visual appeal of the room, they are also functionally a fine choice. Opening or closing the curtains is convenient and comfortable, thanks to the gliders in the drapery tracking system.
  • Versatile & Adaptable: Curtain tracks can bend to any shape easily making them ideal for bay window installations. Using a professional bending machine, you can adapt and make them suitable for curves or bends. Besides, you can use ceiling mounted curtain tracks with different curtain heading styles. The best suited, however, are pleated and S-fold heading style.

ceiling mounted curtain tracks

  • Perfect for Automation: If automating the window treatment is on your mind, then ceiling curtain tracks can be a good choice. Installing the automatic kit is easy on these tracks, and you can draw open and close the curtains at the press of a remote control.
  • Easy Installation: Usually, curtain track gliders are installed on the ceiling. These are easy to install and operate. Even removing the curtain for cleaning is not going to be a difficult task.

Curtain Tracks in a Home

After knowing about the many benefits of curtain tracks, here is how you can put it to use in different rooms at home.

sliding curtain track system drapery track system

Cover Floor to Ceiling

A sliding curtain track system can be a perfect option if you want the curtains or blinds to cover one or more wall completely. It can also make a fine choice if the track needs to cover corners. Attach it to the ceiling and use it with ease from one place.

Make a Partition

Like to create a study space or cosy book nook in your bedroom? Then, give curtain tracks a try. You can quickly create a partition in a room using ceiling-mounted curtain track with curtain or blind. It is ideal for those unused corners, as well. Bend it, twist it and use it as you fancy.

Entertainment Room

When you want that theatre-like set up at home, then curtain tracks can be your go-to option. You can opt for a track, which covers the window entirely – vertically and horizontally, not allowing sunlight to filter inside. Even a bit of glare and light is undesirable when you plan those movie nights at your place. Moreover, drapery track system can usually support a significant amount of weight, so bring those dark colour, blackout curtains to your rescue.

Shower Space

Curtain tracks are well-suited in the bathroom. Whether you have a shower area or bathtub in straight or circular design, bring a curtain rail and design this space to perfection. It can cover from floor to ceiling, edge to edge helping you in keeping the bathroom space clean and dry all the time.

Curtain tracks can be a perfect option for every room. It gives you the scope to design your windows differently as it can take care of those edges and corners too. 

Curtain Track Installation

When it comes to installing the curtain tracks ensure that there is generous spacing. The curtains should move unobstructed without rubbing. Similar spacing is important in the pleats at the top of the curtain. Keeping optimum spacing becomes all the more vital if there is a protruding window sill. However, if there are any doubts, it is best to consider a professional track fitter. The correct installation is the key here as it will define the look and feel of the space whether you plan for manual or motorized curtain track.

Curtain Tracks at Deco Window

curtain track online motorized curtain track

Specialising in window solutions, you can get various curtain track online at Deco Window. The tracks come in 6-10 feet length options. There is also a jointer that you get with it using which you can join multiple tracks. At Deco Window, you get the option of single and double track kit. The 19mm single track kit comes with wall and ceiling bracket, and finial barrels. Enhancing its shelf life is the oil rubbed coating and aluminium make on the body. There is also the option of ceiling bracket for flat tracks for that minimalist finishing touch in your home. Besides, there are double brackets, too. The double brackets come in a set of three with powder coated finishing. You can view all these products from and give curtain tracks a try. Offering superior performance, they will add to the home décor, too.

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