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Decorate like a Designer Within Budget

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Budget decorating with style

home decor ideas

Designing your home can be quite a task. It can be overwhelming to choose the best designs given the potpourri of options. Moreover, there are so many things to consider that doing the complete interiors can be a tricky task. But, seeking the services of a professional would mean doing your home as per the whims of someone else. Besides, you will not get that sense of satisfaction. So, here are some home décor ideas and secrets, which can help you decorate your home as a designer and that too within budget.

home design ideas

Focus on Every Detail: When you start designing your home, you focus mainly on the bigger aspects of wall paint, curtains, and furniture among others. But, when it comes to designing your home like a pro it calls for focusing on the details. You should pay attention to the thickness of the curtain rod, the design of the finials to give your window treatment a professional look. Beauty lies in detailing of this kind. You will get options for curtain rods coming in different thickness and measurement with simple and designer finials. To give your windows a complete and well-designed look, you should bring such things under your radar.

extendable curtain rod metal curtain rods

Accessorise Liberally: To give a designer look to your home, you will need to add personality to your home by adding accessories. Try to have a collection of staple pieces, like cushions, different lights, vases and more. The best thing about these accessories is that they can enhance the look of a space instantaneously and you can change them whenever you want. So, accessorize your home liberally and give meaning to every space. Cushions are a versatile piece of home accessories. You can use them as a colour pop or for accentuating any space. Likewise, when it comes to accessorizing with lights, they will work as home jewellery. Look for distinguished forms of lights and garden lamp, which will add to the home décor and have a personality of its own.

Mix Up: A homogenous look can be boring. But, mixing different textures and materials will help to create more contrast and depth. Like, when it comes to window treatment, opt for metal curtain holdbacks and wooden curtain rods. Besides, in a room with wooden furniture, you can opt for metallic curtain rods with designer finials to give it a heterogeneous and contemporary effect.

Choose the Colours, carefully: A colour, which is trending big will be attractive. But, it will be a fad and you will soon outgrow it. So, if you want to add a trendy colour, then use it as a colour pop in the form of cushion cover or sheer curtain. It is easy to change a cushion or single curtain, instead of getting a complete wall painted, again. Moreover, when it comes to designing your home like a pro, you should try to add soft, pastel shades and restrict your palette to a colour or two.

cushion cover design  garden lamp

Add some Luxurious Accents: Add some elements of luxury in every room, when you plan to do the home interior design like a pro. Get some glitters, metallic and Swarovski to play to achieve such an effect. It can also be a great addition to a small room as features will reflect off it and give the illusion of a bigger space.

When it comes to designing your home like a pro, it will take some fore-planning and you will need to play around with accessories, colours, and textures in a careful manner. If you want to search for such home elements and accessories, then the novel launches by Deco Window will surely have you overwhelmed. There are curtain rods coming in varied measurements and thickness, Swarovski finials, glass shelves and more. You can explore the new collection here and dress up your home as a designer and within budget.

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