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How to Decorate your Home with Cushions?

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Want to give an instant makeover to your home? Then, spruce it with cushion covers. It is the perfect, cost-effective and easy way of refurbishing your home. If chosen in the right manner, cushions can pull-up the appeal of a room, synchronize the existing elements and décor, and give your home a beautiful look and feel. In terms of utility, cushions may seem frivolous, but the way they add cosiness to space and make it beautiful makes it a must-have accessory in every home, every room. Here is how you can decorate your home with cushions and give it a completely new look and feel.

1. Start with a Corner: The abandoned home corners can turn into cosy nooks for reading or relaxing with just a throw cushion. Spread a rug, throw some cushions and have your own little, meditation corner in your house. You can stack up cushion pillows in a corner or just scatter two to three to bring a corner to use. And for those romantic evenings, don’t forget to put some scented candles to complete the look.

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2. Hone the Old Sofa: If you have got those matchy-matchy cushion covers with your sofa, you are bound to get bored soon. Alternatively, if you don’t have cushions cosying-up your sofa, then it’s time you add them to feel the change. In either of the scenarios, cushions can instantly give a new appeal to your old sofa and hone them the way you desire. For a relaxed look, you can pile up cushion cover sets in a corner and for a formal tone put them symmetrically and achieve the look. And when it comes to choosing the number of cushions, for a formal tone opts for an even number of cushions and the odd number goes just right for a casual appeal.

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3. Accentuate the Bedroom: You can also use a cotton cushion cover as an accent piece in your bedroom and revamp it with ease. Explore cushion covers in contrasting colours to the rest of the bedroom to add to the appeal. As for an accent piece, use one small cushion cover in a bold colour and let it beautify the bedroom.

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4. Don’t Leave the Chair Alone: Give that old chair a new look with a pair of cushions. You can explore something in contrasting colour and texture to give it a completely new feel. Even adding a single cushion cover on the dining table chairs can be a good idea. It will add to the comfort and cosy factor. Even when it comes to the armchair or rocking chair of your grandfather enhance its appeal in an easy and economical manner with a single, beautiful cushion.

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5. Throw Cushions on the Rug: Along with enhancing the appeal of your old furniture, custom cushion covers can be the perfect add-on the rugs. If you love that floor arrangement, then scatter a few cushions on the rug and make the most of this comfy and cosy arrangement of your summer tea time.

So, start adding cushions in your home and add to the overall décor easily. The best part about decorating with colourful cushion covers is that you have the freedom to try. It is a quick and affordable fix. In case, one design doesn’t blend well, you can easily try something new. But, just ensure that when you are mixing more colours, stick to maximum three for a balanced and cohesive look. And ensure that the maximum cushions should be in complementing and not contrasting tones. If in doubt, follow the 60:30:10 ratios i.e. biggest cushion in the neutral pallet, medium in mid-tones and small ones in bright colours.

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Style-up your home with cushion covers, the easy way and give your home a new look and feel. If you are looking for novel and discreet cushion covers, then you can view the range here at Deco Window. We have cushion covers for every home. You can blend them with contemporary or traditional décor. You can check the cushion cover designs here and refurbish your home perfectly. There are also filled cushions, which are available. You can check them here and order cushion fillers and covers from Deco Window and have them home delivered.

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