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Decorating with Tassel Fringes, For the Love of Décor

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 curtain tassels

With Diwali round the corner, the home decoration will be on your mind. You must be thinking of different ways of making your home look graceful. How about bringing trimmings to play? Yes, you can use them on different décor and furnishings, and give your home a splendid touch. 

Trimmings or passementerie sounds equally classy in French and other languages add a visual and tangible texture to a room. They not only provide a finishing touch to different decorative pieces but enhance the overall appeal, as well. You can treat them like jewellery for your home. It may seem frivolous, but it lifts the look of any furnishing, instantly. You can try putting curtain tassels in an array of stuff in your home. They look fab on cushions, curtains, beddings, rugs and even decoration pieces.

Think out of the box and give an exotic touch to your home with this beautiful trimming. Let’s think of different places you can accessorize with a tassel fringe                                                            decorative tassels

1. Fringe the Cushions: There are cushions and pillows, big and small in every home. You can, of course, try different cushion covers to add value to the room, but if you want to make them completely different, then give fringes, a try. Tassel trim can be put over the cushion cover to give it a makeover. It will give a distinct touch to the cushions and add to the décor value.

2. Mirror Fringes: If you thought it is only furnishings that can be beautified, then think again? How about mirrors? You can paste decorative tassels on a mirror and adorn any wall with it. Mirror with fringes is perfect in a contemporary set-up. They will look like statement pieces and ooze your style in a subtle and beautiful manner. Such a statement piece will look great in the entryway and hallway.

tassels and trims

3. Curtains with a Fringe: Yes, try those fringe trim on the curtain peripheries. They will look absolutely fab. It will help you give a makeover to your old curtains, as well. Simply, choose a contrasting tassel fringe and beautify your curtains with ease.

4. Fringe the Beddings: If you have already bought bedding sets for your home for Diwali, then start making them beautiful and distinct. Simply get some colourful or contrasting fringe fabric and design your bed covers and bed sheets. It is easy, quick and the outcome is something you will love.

5. Fringing the Furnishings: Tassel fringes are such a lovely way of doing your furnishings. It is not just your curtain, bedding or cushion, which can be given a makeover using them. In addition, you can try them on your rugs, sofa, and slipper chair. If you wish to try them on your comforter too, then don’t hesitate.

tassel fringe trim Outline designer pieces and furnishings with trimmings like tassel fringes and give them a unique touch and finishing. If you are looking for colourful tassel fringe that can adorn your curtains, cushions and décor pieces, then check the collection at will get a colossal variety in different hues and materials, and you can give a makeover to your old curtains, cushions and beddings with ease. You can also try the pompom style ones for your décor pieces like mirrors, planters and more.

Make your home Diwali ready with these awesome fabric trim and give a sophisticated and artisanal touch to your home. It will not only add to the grace but enhance the appeal, manifold and make your home distinct and beautiful, this Diwali.

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