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Tips to Decorate with Floating Wall Shelves

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Floating Wall Shelves for Home


floating shelves

If adding storage at home or accessorizing is on your mind, then floating wall shelves can be the solution. Designed to fit contemporary, traditional and minimalist home décor, these shelves float against the wall with supporting brackets. Stack them on the wall with decorative brackets in a group or alone. And if you want you can place the brackets in a manner that they don’t show either. Perfect for storage and decoration purpose, here are some tips how you can style-up your home with wooden wall shelves.

wall hangings

1. Spruce-Up the Dusty Corner: Don’t abandon that dusty corner, rather bring it to purpose with floating wood shelves. Put it diagonally or in a straight line, and use the corner for creating a statement wall. You can stack your books or favourite décor pieces on the wall shelve and give meaning to it.

2. Decorate the Sofa, dining table or Bed Backdrop: Still pondering what to do with the blank wall behind the sofa, dining table or bed? Put art work, different décor pieces and adorn that simple wall the way you fancy. The wall behind the bed can be decorated with photographs of your family and friends. Simply, put wall shelves of similar or contrasting colours and design any backdrop at home with ease.

corner wall shelf

3. A Nightstand in Small Rooms: Floating wall shelves can be the perfect storage solution in a small room. You can use them as a nightstand to keep your essentials handy and accessible. From your car keys to books, you can keep these little things on this corner wall shelf. Use it as a storage solution and a place to decorate pictures of your loved ones.

kitchen shelves

4. Less Like Bathroom: When it comes to decorating the bathroom, follow the rule – Less like a bathroom. It should be in sync with the rest of the home. So, adding some décor pieces, scented candles can be a good idea when it comes to this space. Put some floating shelves, which can work as a statement and storage piece in the bathroom. You can put some décor stuff and other bathroom utilities.

5. The Open Kitchen Layout: Storage is always less when it comes to the kitchen. But, putting too many cabinets can give that full effect to the kitchen making it look small and stuffy. So, go for wooden hanging shelves on which you can place some utility stuff and kitchen accessories. It will give a spacious and organized look to the kitchen.

decorative wall shelves wall hangings

Perfect for every room of the house, decorative wall shelves are becoming a necessity rather than an accessory. From décor to storage, it can take care of multiple things in your home. Moreover, coming in different colours with arty brackets they can beautifully blend with the other furniture housing a room. If you are looking for such classy and cult pieces, then Deco Window has a lot in store for you. There are well-designed wall shelves in different colours and beautiful brackets, which can enhance the grace of your home while adding storage. Check the range here at Deco Window and decorate your home with wall shelves.

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