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Design the Bedroom for your Dad, this Father’s Day

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Father's day ideas

fathers day ideas

Father’s day is around the corner. Are you still thinking about gift ideas? How about surprising your dad with a masculine bedroom? Figuring about the perfect colour combination will be the task. Likewise, looking for the right print and pattern can also be a bit confusing. You can easily find a lot of bedding sets in floral and feminine colours. So, getting the right pattern and colour will not be as easy as it seems. Below is a cheat sheet with bedroom ideas that will come handy in designing your father’s bedroom.

bedroom ideas white bedding

1. Get Grey Bedding: If the bedroom has pink or purple accent wall or curtains, then opt for bedding in the shades of grey. The right colour combination can give the room a chic and fresh feel. Pairing a cool tone grey with pink or purple can be the perfect way to balance. Grey is not only a great alternative to white, but it can be apt if your father doesn’t prefer a dark colour palette. You can customize the room with a masculine flavour in a subtle and sophisticated manner with such a bedcover.

2. Crispy White: There is nothing like a white bedding set in summers. Crisp and calm, it is one colour with which you can never go wrong. Super flexible, it can easily blend with the existing cushion covers and blankets. So, you can give a new feel to the room, without making much investment. It will also make the room feel big and spacious.

3. Dark is the Preference: If your father has a taste for dark colours, then bring dark tone sheets to play in the room. The shades of brown, black and blue can make a perfect addition. If you want a greater impact of darker tone, then you can also look for bedspreads with the interplay of two dark tones. If your mother finds it too much, you can convince her on the Father’s Day pretext. Moreover, dark tone beddings can make the room warm and cosy.

patterned bedding bedding collection

4. Patterned Bedding: Like colours, finding the right, patterned bedding sets can have a big impact in the bedroom. Go for soft and subtle patterns, which can look balanced with the rest of the room décor. Try a white accent bedding with a blue wall. So, if you want that masculine tone, then refrain from big and into the eyes prints. Rather, stick to small and sophisticated ones.

Give your father a day to remember with not just any gift. Look for modern bedroom ideas, do something out of the box and make the day truly memorable. If you want to buy such bedding sets, then you can check the range at Deco Window. You can find bedding sets in shades of grey, white and dark tones. View the collection even in self-prints and patterns to achieve the look you have in mind. For one day, the room can be called your father’s sleep haven. Check the range, order the bedding and gear up to surprise your dad, this father’s day.

fathers day ideas

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