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Design your Home on Basic Design Principles

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Principles to design your home

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When it comes to designing your home, it comes naturally to some people, while others need to explore different means to design the home, beautifully. Not everyone poses the nose for design. So, in this blog, we will share some basic interior design principles. By using these principles, you can design your home like a professional and give your home a presentable look. Go through the below techniques and apply it in your home,

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1. Look for A Focal Point in your Room: Some rooms come with a focal point, while in the case of others you need to make that point and center the décor around it. So, look for that one point, which automatically draws your attention when you walk into a room. That big glass window in your room can be treated like a focal point. Otherwise, you can have a wall painted in the colour of your choice and let that accent wall take center stage in the room. If you plan to treat that big window, then choose custom curtains, which will add new colours and texture to the room. Using these colours, prints and texture you can put more décor items, as well. Likewise, on the accent wall, you can bring wall shelves into use. This way you will be able to add storage and décor space in the room.

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2. Let Odd Numbers Rule: Whether you are planning to put vases in your room décor or cushions, follow the rule of thirds. This rule usually applied in photography can create a visual interest in your home. Putting vases of three different heights or cushions of three different shapes and colours can make a space appealing and beautiful. So, on a big sofa set opt for 3 or 5 cushion covers in contrasting prints and see how lively and stunning your living room looks. However, if odd numbers are not giving the look you want from your room, then simply follow your gut.

3. Measure and Place: This is one principle, which you must follow if you like that precision. Whether it is hanging a corner wall shelve on your accent wall, the curtain on a big window or piece of art on a wall measure from one end of the wall to the other and then place it. When you decorate a room using these specific measurements you will be able to have a neat and well-designed look. In fact, it will show up in the overall room appearance as it will look much better.

4. Negative Space: In every home, there are some negative spaces. It means somethings just need to be left as it is. When it comes to decorating the home sometimes you need to follow less is more. You can leave some corners empty and some walls untouched. Let this negative space speak for itself. If you find such a space on your balcony or veranda, then you can bring lighting to play. How about outdoor torches? It is subtle yet bright. Use it to illuminate your home in the evenings and have a rustic touch to your balcony.

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5. Layer it Up: If you have been longing to give that cosy touch to your bedroom or living room, then try the art of layering. You can do layering with curtains and bedding sets and give a warm, cosy feel to space. An interplay of sheer and blackout curtains can give this effect to a window. Likewise, if you bring bedding, cushions, and comforters for your bedroom, then you can layer up your bed too. This layering can easily give that chic, hotel feels to your home.

Try these different principles of interior design and decorate your home to perfection. After designing, let’s make procuring these things easy for you. Get all the mentioned products in the blog from Deco Window. You can check the range here and design your home like a pro.

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