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Have you ever wondered what life would be having a method that allows you to protect against heat gain in the summer? I know I did. And recently, I thought about one. Thermal drapes -- specialty window coverings with an insulated backing -- help cut down on winter heating costs by reducing the amount of heat loss around the window area. The same properties that keep cool air outside and warm air in on a cold day allow the drapes to insulate during hot weather as well. The thermal curtains. You probably heard about them before, and some questions did come in your mind. Do they work, how much they cost, how do you install them etc.
One of the biggest benefits of thermal lined winter curtains are that they help the loss of heat through windows. The amount of heat loss that can be prevented has actually been measured. Curtains are used to dress up a window, provide privacy and complement the décor of a room. Curtains with insulating values do more. Thermal curtains provide a barrier between the outside elements and the indoors. During summer, they block solar gain and reduce the amount of heat that penetrates windows. During the winter, they act as an insulating barrier between cold outside air and warm inside air.

Hanging blackout curtains is one of the cheapest, easiest solutions imaginable. Blackout curtains are also known as "thermal drapes" for a reason. They're ideal for blocking light and heat from windows that get strong sun. And the best part is that contrary to popular belief, blackout curtains do not have to be black. They don't even have to be curtains! The last time you stayed in a hotel, you may have noticed the windows didn’t seem as drafty as they might be at home. This is because of the curtains - what might look like generic, utilitarian draperies are actually sophisticated energy-efficiency devices that can help you save money on monthly utility bills while improving the comfort and beauty of rooms in which they are installed.

Insulated curtains help protect your home from the four major types of heat loss (conduction, infiltration, convection and radiation) that occur through and around your windows. In other words, insulated curtains help prevent heat from entering or leaving your home.

In the winter, this means insulated curtains will help heated inside air from being cooled or escaping outside. When summer comes, just the opposite happens: cooled inside air will gain some protection against being heated or escaping outside. Additionally, insulated curtains also help dampen outside noise and can be made to almost completely prevent light from entering your room, which can increase your comfort, especially while sleeping at night. Thermal curtains are heavy fabric panels which are designed to trap heat. They are useful for both summer and winter, but I’m going to tell you their advantages in summer. Pay very much attention when you buy them.They look and share many of the same proprieties as black-out drapes, but they are more effective than those. Black-out curtains usually have a thin liner sewn in the interior, just to keep out sunlight.

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