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3 Easy & Quick Home Improvement Ideas

Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by Deco Seo

Transform the over-looked spaces in your home with easy and simple solutions. By trying some quick and affordable means you can give a mini makeover to your home, giving it a bigger and better look. Make your space appear larger and work harder with these easy and quick home improvement ideas. 

Door weather stripping bottom	Make Spaces Work Harder: You can make the most of everything in your home. Simply, get a few things right and see how the existing stuff can be brought to many uses. If those kitchen and bedroom doors come with a gap, fill it using a door seal and prevent air leakage. Yes, that door bottom seal can ensure that cold air doesn’t leak and you use an air conditioner in an optimum manner. Likewise, it will also prevent those unwanted rodents and insects from coming inside your house. So, make the most of the existing things, accessorize them right and make the spaces work harder for you. An all-weather and multi-purpose accessory, a home door seal is easy to put too. Just buy and paste it on the door bottom. Alternatively, you can also screw it on a wood or laminated door. You can check the door seals in different colours at Deco Window. Made of aluminium they come with nylon brushes and are flexible too. To see the range, check deco window online.

garden torchGive a Better Look: Lighting is a perfect way of giving a better look and feel to your home. Moreover, if you illuminate in a distinct way, it will only add to the home’s appearance. How about a garden torch? Go beyond the conventions and think out of the box. A traditional yet trendy way of illuminating your space. Spread it through the garden, deck or patio and have that mashal light-up your whole home. Organize those evening parties in the garden and spread the warmth with these tiki torches. If you plan to set the ambience for the next home party with a garden torch, then your search ends here. The outdoor torches by Deco Window are made of iron and stone. And we recommend you to use Citronella oil to light these torches. Odourless and long-lasting, it produces less smoke and keeps the bugs at bay. To buy this oil, click here.

wall shelves onlineCreate a Bigger & Larger Impression: Take advantage of those wall corners and unclaimed walls by placing wooden wall shelves. You can boost your home storage and décor with these wall shelves. In your bedroom, you can use it as bedside storage and in kitchen place dishes, spices or cookware on it with ease. And for your living room, put décor pieces on it and add more colour and warmth. You can also embellish these shelves with decorative brackets to add personality. At Deco Window, we have a colossal variety of wooden wall shelves online, which can cater to your storage and decorative needs at home. You can view the variety here and give an impression of a bigger and larger space. There is also a new range of glossy shelves that wait for you at Deco Window. Colourful and shiny, they will add to the aesthetics.

Try these quick and easy home improvement ideas and give a new look and feel to your space. These are easy means and will not take much effort on your part. Moreover, affordable giving a mini makeover to your house will be possible with such means and measures. 

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