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3 Easy Ways to Clean Shower Curtains

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Shower curtains, perfect for elevating the look of your bathroom serve a functional purpose, as well. They keep the bathroom floor clean and prevent water from pouring outside the shower area. It becomes all the more important as modern bathrooms have bath and toilet together. So, you can keep the space clean and dry with shower curtains. We call them space elevators too, because coming in different colours, fabrics and prints, they definitely add to the bathroom décor. Coming in different styles and patterns, you are sure to find something appropriate for your bathroom.

Although shower curtains have a functional and decorative role to play, they require proper maintenance and care. You will need to wash them time to time to have them in the perfect condition. Here are 3 easy ways to keep your latest curtains clean.

  1. Washing: Like everyday clothes, you can wash shower curtains too. Machine or hand wash them as per the care instructions mentioned on the shower curtain. Likewise, the care instructions will also mention whether you need cold or hot water to wash the curtains. Simply follow these instructions and wash them. As far as drying is concerned, most of the synthetic ones will not require. You can straight away hang them after washing. But even if you need to dry them, then opt for low setting one so that the curtain design and fabric does not get spoiled.
  2. Baking Soda & Vinegar: Along with getting dirty, shower curtains are often affected with mold and mildew as shower area is damp and warm. So, if your fabric shower curtains have mildew on them, don’t discard them. Instead, try the baking soda and vinegar treatment to have them spick and span. Simply, add some baking soda along with detergent when washing the curtains and during the rinsing process add vinegar too.
  3. Bleach: To get rid of mold and mildew from the curtain, you can try bleaching too. But you will need to add two towels, as well and preferably wash them in warm water. Add bleach, detergent and soak in warm water along with the towels. Then, wash it under running water and have your designer shower curtains clean.

                                                          fabric shower curtains  fabric shower curtains

Use these easy means to wash your shower curtains and have them clean at home.You don’t need to dry clean your shower curtains or discard them. If you are looking for easy to maintain shower curtains, which are long lasting too, check Made of polyester, you can wash and maintain your shower curtains with ease, at home. Moreover, water-repellent and rust-resistant, stylish curtains from can grace your bathrooms for a long time. Browse through the range and order your shower curtains online, today from

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