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Extendible Curtain Rods

Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by Nikita Jain

Extendible Curtain Rods are unique to India

Traditionally Curtain rods in India are always under considered, we usually see people investing into the wall paint, curtains or furniture but for few, smart window hardware comes as a prime not only for aesthetics but for its utility. Better window hardware makes it comfortable for the customers to use their window more often by opening and closing at different intervals, allowing both light and air to pass through multiple times throughout the day.

Calculating the gravity of Indian Market

Understanding the need of our people we came up with one of the most convenient, aesthetically brilliant, curtain rod at a very affordable price.

Features and Advantages of Deco Window Curtain Rod

We made our curtain rods extendible and in 2 sizes we cover almost all window sizes. 36” extendible to 66” and 52” extendible to 144” Both the sizes come across are unique to Indian market since usually we don’t see a window greater than 144” or smaller than 36”

This features helps our customers to adjust the curtain rod size even after they have bought it based on curtain gather, and window widths. It avoids cutting and chiselling the rods at the final end hence keeping the original finishing and quality intact. Also for customers who are moving into rented housing come out to be very practical as they can take the curtains rods out and use it again.

The Curtain Rod comes as a Full Set

Deco Window includes almost every hardware you will require to assemble and install the curtain rod, making it easier for our customers to not hunt for parts eventually, making assembly and fixing easier.

The Curtains Rod comes with Die Casted Brackets

All Curtain rods come with Aluminium die casted brackets that not only look good, but have more weight holding strength hence allowing us to give our customers a comfortable upto 30KG weight guarantee.

Designer Finials

At Deco Window we try to make functional products affordable and beautiful. With our team of designers and in accordance with designers from around the world we have been able to create the finials (Curtain Rod End Designs) with different material, different finishes, and different styles from traditional to modern appealing to maximum people.

Affordable Price

We love our customers and our endeavour is to guide them to make the best selection. We have purposely kept the opening price point of curtain rods very low, allowing maximum customer to try. The entire range is very affordable ensuring guaranteed satisfaction.

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