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Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by sarabjeet dua

There are a huge range of different types of fabrics available these days and many of them are commonly used in the manufacture of cushion covers. Almost all homes have cushions in some form or the other. Cushions make sitting comfortable and are usually accessories with the sofa. However, there are many different ways to use cushions for your home decor. A generous use of cushions makes your home look cosy and comfortable. They can also be used to add some decorative touches to your mundane furniture.

It is useful to know a little about these fabrics before choosing your cushions as the wrong choice of cushion cover can be both costly and annoying. There are cushions to fit almost anywhere in your home, your sofa, chair, bed or window seat. Pillow covers are easy to remove and wash; they help to conveniently guard against allergens and extend the life of your down and feather pillows by keeping them cleaner.

Cushions are used all around the home and also outside on the patio or garden, therefore the fabric you choose should reflect this. Your sofa set needs a number of small or medium sized cushions. Depending on the type of sofa you have, you can choose round, square or rectangular cushions. For example, cushions used in a bedroom will not need to be as hard wearing as those used in your main lounge or on your garden bench. A cushion that is placed on an unused chair will not need to be as durable as one on the main family sofa.

Polyester and nylon - for general use around the home there are several types of synthetic materials. Things like polyester and nylon are widely used in the manufacture of cushion covers. On the bed, you have the pillows that you sleep on. Apart from that, you can prop yourself up on cushions. Match these cushions with your pillow covers and bed spread. Most synthetic materials are a combination of various fibres and can imitate anything from silk to wool.

The next step up in size from the pillow is the cushion. Giant floor pillows, chair pads and meditation rounds are all members of the cushion family. There are some types of large over-sized cushions. You play with these cushions on the ground and sit on them. Choose dark and bright colours for these cushions because they get dirty easily. They can take any of the shapes described above, but since they are usually meant to be sat upon, be careful about adding too many embellishments to the top of a cushion.


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