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Dirty clothes seem to multiply through the bedrooms, bathroom and laundry. You can both gather your dirty clothes, by placing them in dirty clothes hampers as soon as they come off, and at the same time also sort the clothes into a laundry sorter. Utilizing a quality laundry sorter in your laundry room helps keep everything in one place, taking some of the hassle out of wash day. Sorting your laundry as you go helps clean up the piles of laundry in every room.

Before buying and organizing your laundry sorter, do some research. All laundry sorters are not created equal. Check your favorite online shopping resources for highly recommended sorters. Be sure to read consumer reviews.

If you want a laundry basket that can hold a lot of weight and can stand up to constant use and abuse, Deco Window is Stacking Laundry Basket is the best laundry basket out there.

Deco Window's Laundry Sorter is lightweight, sturdy, and easy to carry. It performed better than any other laundry basket in our testing. The handles—which tend to be a point of failure for baskets—held up to thorough testing with their simple but tough design. If you need more than one for a multi-person household or to separate lights and darks, this basket’s ability to stack is a bonus.

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