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Give your Room a Terracotta Look

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Terracotta Home Decor

terracotta home decor

Terracotta look is trending big in home décor. From terracotta pots in your patio to sculptures adorning your living room, it is making a place for itself in every home in some way or the other. The term terracotta comes from an Italian word meaning, “baked earth”. It is primarily used for making pottery, décor pieces, and even jewellery. But, its penetration in the décor industry is to the extent that terracotta is being used as a colour word too. The family of natural brown to orange is being broadly classified in the terracotta category. So, if you are unable to infuse terracotta decorative items in your home décor, then try the colour range to experience the old world charm.

Below is a step by step guide, which will come handy in giving your room a terracotta look.

1. Terracotta Hue Curtains: The room appearance depends much on the kind of treatment you impart to the windows. So, if infusing terracotta feel is on your mind, then you can opt for window curtains or blinds in orange and natural brown colours. It will instantly add an earthly feeling in the room, and impart the rustic look you have been longing for in your bedroom.

terracotta curtains

2. Tieback too in Terracotta Colours: To complete the look of the room, opt for tiebacks in terracotta colour too. Look for rope tie backs, which will help you enjoy a countryside feel in your own haven. Try to keep metallic work tiebacks out of the picture. A pure rope style in colour tones of natural brown to orange can do the task miraculously for you.

3. Look for Complimenting Metal Accessories: If you feel that there is too much domination of one colour and that you need to break the monotony, then try to infuse complimenting metals. For instance, look for a holdback in brass make that will blend well with shades of orange and brown, and not stand apart. Such curtain holdbacks will gracefully hold the curtains when you pull them back and give the ideal finishing touch to your windows.

cushion cover design  tie backs

4. Terracotta Colour Cushion Covers: After honing your windows to perfection, you should bring your focus to the cushion covers. A versatile and easy to change accessory, you can look for them in terracotta shades and bring a refreshing, rustic change in your room.

By working on these four elements, you can change the look and feel of your room, and have a terracotta home decor. These colours will give an artistic feel and boost the style quotient of your home. By making changes in this manner, you can give a colourful appeal, while keeping it classy and subtle. If you wish to achieve this kind of look in your own bedroom, then you buy the complete look from Deco Window. Here is how we have worked out a complete package for you, which can give a rustic ambience. You can view the link, order the products and we will come home to deliver the complete terracotta look for your room.

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