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Shelves are a vital component of our homes and offices. They help us organize our belongings by providing spaces that hold them together for functional or decorative use. Shelves are normally made of strong materials such as wood, bamboo or steel, though shelves to hold lighter-weight objects can be made of glass or plastic.



Tempered glass. It’s the strongest glass out there for interior design. The special heat treatment process it undergoes makes it harder to break because it adds thermal resistance. It is heated to very high temperatures and then rapidly cooled, making it strong yet brittle.

First, if you are aiming to create a chic look, you should definitely consider adding glass shelves. In the past few years, not only interior designers but also architects have broadly accepted and employed the minimalistic designs in order to make space feel brighter, larger, and more open.

Glass helps brighten your space, especially the corner areas, by allowing light to pass through. It could also be a good divider in small spaces. Since glass gives a clean look, it definitely wouldn’t be visually distracting.

Thickness also is an important element in determining shelf strength. A thick standard glass shelf could easily be stronger than a thinner tempered glass shelf. Glass shelving units should come with a rating regarding allowable weight on the shelves. Ask about it carefully before you buy.



When making wood shelves, you need to first know where and how you will use them before you can determine the right type of wood to use. If you are planning to use the shelves to display small and light ornaments in your living room, you can be more concerned on the design and color of the wood rather than its strength. Wooden shelf installation is a quick and easy way to add more storage space to a room. A firm wooden shelf can hold books, photographs, decorative antiques or just about anything you desire. But you must take the time to install the shelf properly, using adequate support, or it may not be able to hold the weight that you place on it.

Floating wooden shelves are a great way to display photos and mementos, but they’re also a practical storage solution that can help maximize the space in your room. We’re partial to wall shelf designs with no visible brackets, a.k.a. floating wall shelves, which keep your walls looking streamlined and modern.

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