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Home decor ideas to awaken your inner romantic

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romantic decor

It’s the season of love, we are assured that your inner thoughts are moving towards a romantic zone. What can be a better place than home to start your own love story? Romantic décor is something that makes you feel like staying indoors with your loved ones and enjoy quality time with them. Here are few tips to get the romantic touch to your home décor. 

1. Pick the theme color: Related to love, passion and commitment, the color red is the ideal color you need to create that romantic aura at home. Showcase the color red by adding though designer cushions, rugs, curtains, tabletop ornaments that will be displayed in a modern way. While red be it in any form such as darker deep red, maroon, light red will exhibit romantic feeling, a handy tip can be to pair red with neutrals such as white and cream. These neutral colors can opt for curtains or even sofa that will give a simple and sophisticated touch to the room.

2. Think about setting: Its too late now to plan a romantic Paris trip, why not showcase your romantic skills at home by planning a romantic dinner for your partner? Create a table setting with red roses and handwritten notes to show your love for your partner. Choose red and white napkins, cutlery and glasses. Open a bottle of wine and create a DIY flower set up. Throw some fancy cushion in the balcony if you have an outdoor sitting.

romantic decor home design ideas


3. Focus on the fabric: A surprising fact, cushions or bed sheets can trigger romantic feelings. Fabrics such as satin and silk can add sensuous touch to the home environment. We can make a DIY cushion cover by adding level love and doing some graphite on it. Delicate fabrics like lace or textiles in contrasting textures such as chenille and linen can imbue a room with a passion too. Use those fur cushions on a sofa to add a romantic touch.

4. Dress up walls: Use chalkboards or whiteboards to write romantic messages for your loved ones. Use wall shelves in red or white color to add pictures of yours and your partner.

5. Brighten things up: Any romantic décor is incomplete without a bling. Fairy lights are the best and most affordable ones. They can be hung everywhere, around your mirror, sofa and even on walls. Add a chandelier or even a small lamp on your bedside table.

6. Make it smell wonderful: Scented candles work the best. Flaming candlelight is even more passionate when it’s presented in the form of a lace-adorned candle. All you need to do is take glass jars, wrap lace around them and insert a tea light in each. Place them all over your home for some romantic vintage décor. Another good idea is to spray your bedding with your desired scented mist.

Try these easy home decorating ideas to make your space a romantic one.

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