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Home Decor Trends in 2018

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Home Decorating Ideas

home decor ideas

It’s a New Year, it’s time for new beginnings and new trends to take over. To keep your home Instagram ready, it is essential to follow the Décor Trends of 2018. It’s time to tweak things a bit to have your home as per the trend and have its pictures all over Pinterest, this year too. You will just need to do a few things right and have the house set according to the very latest. Here we have put a few latest trends in home décor, which are likely to dominate this year and can give your home a stylish, makeover this New Year. 

1. Bring in the Greens: As we enter into this New Year, from décor and health point of view, it is essential to bring the greens inside the home. It’s the need of the hour to have plants inside and outside the house, so you can enjoy a breath of fresh air and lead a healthy life. Look for indoor plants, which can purify the air, and require minimal maintenance. Go for small potted plants and you can put them around the house using floating wall shelves. Colourful or natural hue, wall shelves are the perfect addition to contemporary homes. You can wall mount them and put anything to display. Even plants will look lovely on solid wooden shelves. Get some red, white or blue ones and adorn them with beautiful indoor plants. So, go green and colourful, this New Year.

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2. Confluence of Colours: Yes, colours will be in vogue this year and you can infuse colours the way you want. So, don’t hesitate to make the walls more cheerful and loud this year? Bring in colours to play with patterned and vivid curtains. Some interior designers are predicting that florals in bold and contrasting colours are all set to make a comeback in 2018. So, what better way of bringing florals to play, than the room walls. Look for bright and beautiful latest curtain designs in floral prints and make your home ready for this year. Green pots, floral curtains are we heading for a natural theme this year? Well, maybe, after all, it’s all about following the trend and having a stunning home. And we suggest when you add colours to the wall, then give a classy touch too with some contrasting valance. It will give a distinct and vintage hint to the curtains while adding more meaning to it.

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3. Casual & Calm Bedroom: You can make the walls cheerful with colourful curtains, but keep the bedroom calm and casual. This year interior trends are definitely expected to be casual and the best place to implement it is in your bedroom. After all, your bedroom is your space and you can do it the way you want. But, as far as possible, keep bold and busy colours out and bring soothing, soft and pastels to play. Soft fabrics in soft shades will reign and minimalism will be the key. Follow this, when you buy bedding sets for the master bedroom. In addition, less be more will be the norm. So, now is the time to remove that extra furniture from the bedroom and start looking for cool, classy and comfy bed sets.

4. Cushions, Are Forever: Well, you can go matchy-matchy in the bedroom with complete bed sets, but being contrasty is also needed. So, add some cushions, which will always stay in vogue and give your bedroom a refined look. In fact, cushions look casual and cool too. So, don’t hesitate as they will still be in line with your casual and calm bedroom theme. Explore cushion cover designs in subtle hue and texture, so that they perfectly blend with the bedroom. But, if you want something bold in the bedroom, then you can add a cushion as an accent piece too. Look for cushion covers or filler cushions and give your home décor something that will go well with almost every trend. Cushions are versatile, comfy pieces that go well with every décor.

5. The Cool, Beach Effect: When giving your whole house a new look, don’t forget to give your bathroom a new look too. It’s a cool, beach effect that seems to be trending big when it comes to the bathroom décor. So, go for aqua colours in terms of décor, floral patterns and have the bathroom done as per the trend. To give that beach effect to the bathroom, bring some beach elements to play. How about shower curtains in aqua blue or green with floral print? It can easily transform the space. 

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Follow these latest home décor ideas and transform the look and feel of your home, this New Year. You can easily find all these products from and can spruce up your home with ease. There are wall shelves in a glossy finish with sleek brackets, which will allow all the attention being garnered by the beautiful shelve and potted greens. Likewise, for floral curtains in a bold hue with solid curtain valance in contrasting colour, see what Deco Window has in store for you. To view the curtains, click here and see the valance range here. Moreover, our curtains and valance are made of 100% polyester and are easy to maintain. You can also find the perfect bedding for your room in soft hues and fabric and embellish your bedroom to perfection. Our bedding range at Deco Window comes in sets, so you get matching shams, quilts and cushions, which can enhance the grace of your room, manifold. Along with bedding, you can get different cushion cover design and filler cushions from Deco Window in different colours, prints and plains. And wondering how to give the beach effect to your bathroom. You can buy new shower curtains for your bathroom, from here. At Deco Window, we have a colossal variety that can instantly transform the look of your bathroom giving it a cooler, beach effect. So, here’s to new beginnings, new trends and a new home décor in this New Year. Happy 2018 Folks!

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