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How and Where to Add Floating Wall Shelves?

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Ideas for Floating Shelves

storage shelves

Facing a storage crunch in your home? Need someplace to put those décor pieces, meaningfully? Well, floating wall shelves is the solution to these problems and more. They won’t occupy any floor space, but bring an empty wall space to good use. Yes, whether it is that wall corner in your living room or blank wall above the bed headboard, you can bring these to use and adorn your home. Still pondering, how and where to add those floating wall shelves? Here are different ways and means of bringing it to use.

corner wall shelves

1. A Stroke of Genius Wall: There are so many masterpieces in your home, which are tucked away and consuming the precious storage space. Bring these pieces out for display and have a wall done up beautifully. Just add some colourful, corner wall shelves and put these paintings, pictures and more on it, and have your own little wall adorning your masterpieces.

2. A Statement Wall: Pick any two or three colours of your choice and look for décor pieces in those colours to make a statement wall. You can put decoration pieces, colourful rustic frames, wooden name letter and have a wooden wall art in your home. Chic and classy, such wall shelves designs are a great way of making a statement wall and beautifying a space.

decorative wall shelves

3. A Storage Wall: Are you and your folks always hassled finding the keys, mobile chargers or looking for a place to keep your mobile phone? Well, make a storage wall in your home and put all things, easily accessible on it. You can put two or three bedroom shelves, and use each for putting car keys, home keys, chargers, mobile phones and more. So, this little shelve will take care of all your storage woes.

4. A Serenity Wall: If bathing for you is seeking some relaxation, then have serenity, decorative wall shelves next to your bath. From your bath salt to the washcloth, you can put all this handy on this shelve and have a relaxing time. Along with bath essentials, use this space to put your favourite candle, flower and frame on it to give it a complete look.

bedroom shelves

So, if you thought you can use a floating wall shelve only to make a mini-library or decoration piece, then we suggest you try incorporating the above to redefine its many uses. Put your favourite paintings on it or essentials, and have your own little décor and utility space. You can get many options of such wall shelves and wooden shelf brackets, online. If you are looking for some colourful and sturdy options, then you will have a lot to explore at Deco Window. There are wall shelves and brackets, which can come to various uses at home. Click here to view the wall shelves and brackets, and do up your home in a whole new way.

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