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How to install curtain rod

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Curtain Rod Assembly Instruction 52" - 144” (132cm - 365 cm)

Installation Points

Unpack the Curtain rod from the packet.

    • Adjustable Curtain Rod.
    • Single Bracket 3 Pcs.
    • Screw 6 pcs, Plastic Screw Anchor 6pcs.
    • Inner Rod leveler 1pcs.

To prevent transit movement & damage, the curtain rods are locked by a stopper pin. Pull up the stopper pin to unlock the curtain rod.


Fixing Brackets

Recommend-Install 4”(10cm) above the top of the window and 4” (10cm) away from the sides of the window..

  • Place wall bracket on each side of the window & one in the center at the desired height.
    Mark screw holes with a pencil..
  • Drill hole at the marked positions using a 6mm drill.
  • Fit the Plastic screw anchors in the holes.
  • Position the brackets and fix them with 2 screws each through the top and bottom hole of the brackets.

Installation Curtain Rods


For 52”-100”(132cm-254cm) use the curtain rod without extension rod. Adjust to the desired length by moving the rods.

Step 1 - Side out rod B from rod A.
Step 2 - Remove the plastic insert from rod A.
Step 3 - Insert the extension rod C in the rod A. Slide the plastic insert in the edge of rod C.
Step 4 - Slide rod B in rod C. Adjust length by moving the inserted rod to make the desired length.

Final Installation

Put the leveler on the inner rod. Place the curtain rod on the brackets,
such that the leveler rests on the bracket of inner rod. Adjust the rods
to desire length by moving the rods. Move the plastic clip fixed on the
bracket over the rod to hold the curtain rod firmly.



  • Proper fixing of brackets to the wall is essential for safety.
  • The plastic screw anchors supplied are suitable for the use on walls of concrete,prestressed hollow-core concrete slabs,natural stone with dense structure wall, Solid brick wall, Sand lime solid brick, lightweight concrete, aircrete, solid gypsum wall, vertically perforated brick, Sand -lime perforated block, hollow block made from lightweight concrete,slabs made of perforated bricks, hollow concrete block etc.
  • If Screws are going directly into wood trim or walls studs, drill a 1/8" pilot hole at pencil marks.
  • Special anchors are required for gypsum plasterboard, gypsum fiberboard, deep board panels. For any other types of installation please consult a technician for proper guidance on the selection of the anchor plug.
  • Use 6mm drill and drill a hole of at least 45mm(1.80in.) Using a different size drill may result in improper anchor plug fitting.
  • Use Only 4-5mm Screws.
  • Ensure Screws are firmly fixed on the brackets.

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Raunac kr

posted on August 24, 2017 12:52:37 PM IST
Helps a lot to install curtain rod.
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