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Finding the right duvet or comforter is often like finding a great pair of shoes – people prefer styles that fit both their personality and their needs.Choosing a duvet can be an intimidating and confusing process as marketers try to find new ways to make their products seem better than the rest without incurring additional costs. They often sell you on thread count and pattern of the shell, the type and origin of the fill or the quantity of the fill that they focus on. At Deco Window we believe the true value of a duvet is the comfort it provides. The comfort in helping you sleep better as well of the comfort of your pocket book. That is why we have developed our duvets to give you good, better and best in both warmth and in price. When investing in the quality of natural down, finding the right comforter to fit your personal style can depend on making a few key choices. Let us help you navigate the most important considerations to get the right fit for you.

Choose your Comfort Level
Matching your comforter weight to the warmth of your environment is the most important step in selecting the best comforter for you. Many of us sleep in warm environments because of foam mattresses, warm climates, increased body temperatures due to age, or even that glass of wine with dinner. When faced with a warm environment, a light weight down comforter or down blanket would be the best choice. When in doubt, go lighter. You can always add a blanket, but a hot comforter can’t be cooled. On the other hand, people who live in cold climates need a thick comforter when the outside temperatures dip below zero and the house just can’t stay warm.

Choose your Quality
Quality in a comforter comes from the details in how it’s made, not how many ounces of down it contains. Sometimes we hear from customers who think that their light warmth comforter is not high quality because it is too thin. Yet, we also hear from customers who love their big, fluffy comforter but are just too hot at night. Down is such a powerful insulator that it doesn’t take much of it to warm you. The key here is getting the right amount of down for you, not packing your comforter with so much down that it’s fun to dive into but you are miserable from sweating through the night.

Sleep Peacefully and Rest Assured
In down comforters, a luxury experience comes from the lightness, fluffiness and rarity of the down. There is no better feeling than snuggling into cloudlike comfort to start off a good night’s sleep. We have already talked about how a higher fill power will get you more fluff and less weight but there are two more considerations when choosing a luxury comforter: thread count and type of down.


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