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How to Synchronize Curtains with Wall Colour

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Harmonize Your Curtains with Your Wall Colour

Curtains define the look and feel of a room. They are central to the room decor, to the extent that the moment you enter a room, your attention immediately draws towards those drapes. It is way more than a mere dressing for your window. So, having them harmonized with the wall colours is essential to give a coordinated and well-thought off look and feel. 

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Here are ways using which you can have the curtains synchronized

1. Alternate between neutral and accent colours: Try to have either the curtains or the wall colour vivid, so that the attention draws to either. If you already have an accent wall in a vibrant shade, then it is best to stick to neutral colour curtain. It will beautifully compliment the bright wall while giving a finishing touch. So, for an orange accent wall, try to play with the shades of beige.

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2.Choose colours of the Same Family: Repetition of wall colour can be another creative way of coordinating the curtains with wall colours. But the colour should not be the same. You can go for a colour from the same family, but not the exact same. If you are exploring patterned curtains, then try to have the pattern of the same colour as the wall. So, if the wall colour is beige, then have the curtain pattern in shades of light or dark brown. And try to avoid a matching curtain and wall colour. It will make the effort, futile. 

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3.Complimentary Colour Tones: Make your curtains compliment with the wall tone. Let it bring out a perfect blend. So, if you want to play with colourful stripes against a light blue wall, then it is sure to amalgamate beautifully. Try to have one stripe in dark blue to give that composite effect. Colorful curtains look classy and temper the neutral tone of the walls.

4.Let the Neutrals Play: A neutral colour tone is on your mind, then let neutral colour play their role against a neutral colour wall. You can get that neutral look by adding solid curtains or printed fabrics in a neutral tone. Against a white wall, try exploring curtains in beige, light blue or light yellow. Pastels have their own charm and can help you achieve that neutral tone room, with ease. And if you want to add a bit of drama, then a tieback in a vivid hue will give the visual effect.

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If you want to have that coordinated look, then synchronizing curtainswith wall colours is a must. Ideally, you should try to have a home where room décor, curtains, and wall décor and colours are in sync and beautifully complement each other. Moreover, this blending becomes all the more indispensable in today’s open floor plans. Use these tips to have that harmony in home décor.

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