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How to Weather Strip a Door?

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Weather Stripping for Doors


Every season brings with it some advantages and challenges. While, you enjoy wearing cool, colourful clothes during summers, the heat tends to get unbearable after a point. Likewise, during the winter season, you like layering-up and sipping hot soup, it is the chilly breeze which one wants to avoid. And during the monsoon, there is increased problem of insects and mosquitoes, and we keep looking for ways to prevent them from entering inside the home. Moreover, this problem aggravates if there are tiny gaps in the door bottoms. 

Often overlooked, these door bottoms tend to create the hassle. A chilled room will soon become super-hot as the air leaks from these tiny gaps. So, you may be wondering that you have closed the door and it will remain chilled for long, but that doesn’t happen. Similarly, during winters, cold air penetrates inside from these gaps between the door and floor. When it is monsoon season, the problem worsens as not only water seeps inside, but unwanted creatures like insects, mosquitoes make inroads from these gaps. 

A one-stop solution to all these seasonal problems is Door Seal. Replacing the doors or getting them mended will be a tedious and expensive task. So, going for a door bottom seal is your best bet. Something, which you can do on your own, at home. A door seal can bridge the gap between the door surface and floor, keeping rodents and insects outside your house, and preventing air leakage. 

An under door seal is truly multi utilitarian and can take care of your home all year round. Enjoy warm or cold air circulation and manage your electricity bills better with this wonderful home accessory. If your room will remain cold for long during summers, you will reduce the consumption of an air conditioner. Moreover, the biggest benefit of this home door seal is that it can prevent insects and rodents from coming inside your home. Prevention is always better than cure. So, rather than going for insect and rodent control later, stop them from entering inside. 


The door bottom weatherstripping at Deco Window is designed for every home. Made of aluminium, it is flexible as it comes with nylon brushes. There is also the provision of pasting or screwing it to the door. Moreover, it is a well-designed accessory, which you can use as backside or front door seal. We call it apt for every house as it comes in different colours. So, you can go for one which matches the door colour. You can view the various options of door gap seals online. The door seals at Deco Window come in a standard size and you can get it fixed as per the door bottom measurement. Using a flyer you can cut the brushes and rub the edges for a smooth finishing. The best part is that these exterior door seals are suitable for wood, PVC, fabricated and glass door. So, get on an energy conserving mode with this weather seal from Deco Window. 

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