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Not Just Window Dressing

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If you thought, curtains are mere window dressing, then it’s time you rethink. Of course, they provide privacy and regulate the flow of sunlight in your home, but you can put it to a myriad of uses, with a bit of imagination and creativity. Do the unusual with this home accessory, which most people put to use, just as a window shade. Enhance the existing décor and use this versatile piece for a variety of purposes. Here are ways how you can use curtains other than mere window dressing.

window dressing

  1. Room Divider: If you want to create space in a small living room design, then install curtains where you want the wall. It can be perfect in a studio apartment if you want a wall compartmentalizing between the bedroom and kitchen. It is a great way of giving yourself some privacy and the separation of space. And to install room divider curtains, you have options of rods, tracks, and wires. For heavy curtains and drapes, a curtain rod or track will be suitable, and for sheer or lightweight curtains you can simply opt for wires.
  2. A Canopy: Don’t underestimate those curtains, you can use them as bed canopy or in back patio seating area. Use rods to hang curtains in a seating area, stylish and decorative, the breezy curtains will set the ambience for a romantic evening. Likewise, canopy curtains are all you need for that warm, soft and romantic touch in your bedroom. Create a canopy bed of your dreams with sheer curtains and have a one of its kind, cosy bedroom.
                                   room divider curtains 
  3. The Concealer: Yes, curtains are great for concealing. You can use it to conceal those unsightly appliances like washing machine or dryer with short panels. A simple wooden dowel attached to a metal hook is all you need to hang that curtain to hide those appliances.
  4. A Portiere: A curtain panel placed over a doorway or door is referred to as A Portiere. You can use it to keep the room warm or cold or simply for decorative purpose. When going for insulation purpose, explore curtains in thick and heavy variety, and for the decorative purpose simply go for ones that you like. Sheer curtains can also be apt for embellishing.
  5. Dramatize: Create some drama in your room with curtains. How about a curtain wall? It is a great way to dramatize and give a complete makeover to the room. Get that soft backdrop behind the sofa by installing a curtain wall. You can also use a color scheme to make it pop.
    curtains and drapes

Such and various other creative ways can be used for giving a different makeover to your home with curtains and drapes. Put them to décor test and see how beautifully they embellish your home. Curtains are definitely more than mere window dressing. You can use them to add an illusion of space or to invigorate a room. It is an easy way of infusing colors and texture in a room. Moreover, the best part about curtains is that they are not permanent fixtures, so if you don’t like it or wish to experiment with something new, then it is easy in your pocket, as well.

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