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Layer your Bed Like a Pro

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You love that hotel room for the beautifully done-up bed and luxury bedding. But, how to make your home, bed like the hotel one. Is it possible? You spend so much time in your bedroom and if you manage to layer it like a designer, then you may not want to spoil it. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Well, some cons of having done a bedroom to perfection. But, is it truly that difficult or maybe just getting a few things right can give you the perfect bed.

Below are some tips using which you can layer your bed like a pro.

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1. Start with a White Base: This is one of the easiest and the best start to making your bed to perfection. You should opt for a white base sheet, which looks crisp and nice giving you a lot of scope to layer with ease. So, whether it is that fitted sheet or bedsheet with comforter go for a white, cotton one that will drape the bed well.

2. Add a layer of Colour: After putting the sheet in a tight manner, you should flaunt the room with a colourful quilt or bed cover. A white base gives you the freedom to play with prints and colours of your choice. Go for soft shades if you want to give a light feel to the room, while rich colours are perfect for that dramatic tone.

3. White Pillows for Sleep: Once the bedding is done to perfection, you need to layer with pillows. Go for two, white sleep pillows and put them vertically against the headrest. Time for sleep, only these two pillows should be there on the bed. So, go for soft, comfy ones or just the way you like your pillow at bedtime when you start pillow and bed sheet online shopping.

4. Sham Pillow Covers: The pillow covers you get with the bedroom sets or quilt should cover the sham ones. During the daytime, these should rest in front of the white, bedtime pillows. These sham pillows along with the quilt will add to the colour flow in the room.

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5. Accent Pillow: If you wish to give a colour pop and give another layer to the bed, then accent pillow is the way to go. You can choose this in any colour of your choice, to give a touch of your preference in your room. With an accent pillow, there are no rules attached. You can look for a big, small and different shape accent pillow in similar or contrasting colour with the bed comforter sets.

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With the above means, you can layer your bed like a pro and enjoy the 5-star hotel luxury at home, every day. You can add texture, colour, pillows and shams to dress your bed right. If you are looking for bedspreads online, which can help you have this kind of bed with ease, then you can view the spreads at Deco Window. You can view the collection here and use the above tips to dress your bed to perfection. Our bedding sets come with shams, filled cushion and quilt in soft and rich colours to give your bedroom a one of its kind look.

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