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Layering with Curtain Rods

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The curtain hardware is more than a functional element to hang your curtain rods on. It enhances and complements the window treatment overall. If you thought, it was just a piece of hardware to hang your curtains, then it’s time you rethink and reconsider. It frames the windows, beautifies the curtains and embellishes the look of the room, overall. If you want to give a unique touch to your windows, then using the curtain rods to your advantage can work wonders. Whether it is creating that warmth by layering or giving an illusion of extended windows, the curtain rods can do all this for you with ease.

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If layering with curtain rods is on your mind, then bring double curtain rods to play. Yes, you can hang sheer and blackout curtains or two different colour curtains on the double rods and create the layering impact. This kind of window treatment adds to the grace of the room and gives a royal and warm touch. Moreover, you also get the freedom to play with light and enjoy privacy whenever you fancy. With sunrise, let sheer curtains takeover and filter your home with bright light, and at dusk the blackout ones can provide you with privacy. Likewise, if you opt for contrasting curtains, then draw open the one you want, as per your mood. Let your windows take centre stage in your home décor and give a different look and feel to the room. While, every home has curtains, but the treatment you impart to it makes it look one of its kind, reflecting your taste and personality.

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Along with layering, you can give an extended window frame illusion by using extendable curtain rods. A curtain rod frames your room and an extendible one can help increase the window frame. Whether for an illusionary or decorative purpose, you can bring a curtain rod to your aid. Moreover, with an extendable curtain rod, you will not have to change it frequently. You can increase the length and make it bigger if required. So, whether for the functional or decorative purpose, an extendable curtain rod can be your safe bet.

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If you want to experiment with curtain rods, then shop for an amazing collection online at You will find double curtain rods with beautiful curtain brackets and extendable curtain rods, here. Some of the double curtain rods by are also telescopic, so you extend or collapse them to fit the windows. They come in a complete pack, which includes curtain rods, finials, brackets, screw, and fishers. Moreover, these curtain rods come with a 5-year warranty.

The same holds true for extendable curtain rods. There is also 15 days no question asked return policy. In addition, there is also a variety of add on curtain rods, which you get at deco window. Without installing any additional hardware, you get to convert your rod set into a double rod with this add-on rod. You just need to connect it to the existing rod and have a long curtain rod to hang the curtains.

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Give your windows a makeover and refreshing touch to your home with distinct curtains, curtain rods and brackets. Use the double and extendable curtain rod variety to embellish your home. They give you a functional and decorative flexibility to make your home just as you desire. Check for the complete collection at deco window and complement it with the right bracket and ring. 


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