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Make your Home Cozy & Comfortable

Posted on in Blog- Deco Window Online Store by Punit Tripathi

Cushion designs and decor ideas

Making a home well-designed and decorative is always on our mind. But equally important is to make it cozy and comfortable. You should be able to relax on your sofa, chill in your bedroom and just laze around on the rug whenever you want. There should always be something handy to cuddle and snuggle. And that one accessory, which can do all this and more for you is your cliquey cushion

Colorfull Cushion Covers

Image Source: Hypercityindia

You can opt for filled cushions, throw cushions or simply colorful cushion covers to enhance the grace of your room and embrace it whenever you want. Cushions have that unique characteristic about them, which makes them a must-have in every room, every home.

Vintage Cushion Covers

Image Source: Ja.aliexpress

Contrast and spread them on your posh sofa and beautify it with ease. It is one accessory, which makes your home ever ready for guests. Just spread them the way you want and have your house ready for those impromptu guest visits.

Modern Cushion Covers

Image Source: Homewithdesign

Come back home after a hard day at work and all you need is that soft sofa cushion to embrace you and de-stress you. Perfect for your power-nap, whether on the bed or floor, this add-on will for sure sooth and comfort you, enormously.

Pillow Covers

Image Source: Kufrilife

Cushions are also an apt addition to every bachelor home. They can instantly spark up a dull space or corner in your home. You can add them to your bed or armchair and use them for sleeping or sitting comfortably. This is one accessory, which can fine-tune your home in a fraction of seconds. So, next time your parents plan to visit your home, simply throw some colorful cushions and show-off your designing skills.

Sofa Cushion Covers

Image Source: Comfortfurniture

The best part about cushions is the awesome variety in which it comes. You can opt for filled or throw ones, bright or pastel shades, embroidered or plains, all as per your comfort and requirement.

If you already have cushions, then you can drape them with gorgeous cushions covers and refurbish your home in a jiffy. Moreover, they are available in so many shapes and sizes, that there is always something which can blend well with your home décor.

Floor Cushions

Image Source: Pinterest

From round to square, rectangle to heart-shaped, you can set any mood and ambiance with this easy and affordable accessory. Cushions look good in every size, shape, and color. So, you can pick your preference and hone your home, your way.


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